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$ 18.00

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Sunrise Flow: 5-Class Morning Series with Jackie

Are you ready for an uplifting Vinyasa yoga routine to start your mornings off on a bright note? The goal for this 5-class series from Jackie Casal Mahrou, is to help you tap into your personal power first thing in the morning so that you can move through your day with presence and grace. A half-hour is all you need to connect to yourself and set the tone for a positive day ahead.

Practicing yoga in the morning has numerous benefits, from starting your day with intention, to clearing your head and lifting morning fog, improving digestion, and increasing your energy levels for the day. Plus, if you want a regular daily yoga practice, getting your yoga in, first thing in the morning means it's not looming over you as something you feel like you have to do later.

All classes in this program are 30 minutes or less, meaning you can create a solid morning yoga routine, without the need to overcommit your time. The classes are strong, intermediate Vinyasa flows that will open and strengthen your body, each with a unique theme to inspire you to be strong, lively, and fluid.

Jackie's goal as a teacher is to help people live joyful and empowered lives in alignment with their highest purpose through the practice of yoga. Her classes create an environment for each student to embody clarity, strength, and balance.

Give yourself a yoga boost each morning to wake up your body, center your mind, and align with your highest intentions for the day ahead!

  • Anyone who wants to start their day with a strong yoga practice
  • Those with some yoga experience
  • Yogis ready for a consistent morning yoga routine

  • Five 30-minute intermediate morning Vinyasa yoga classes
  • Classes designed to start your day
  • Dynamic and challenging classes with inspiring themes


Full Program
Sunrise Flow: 5-Class Morning Series with Jackie
$ 18.00
$ 18.00
Program Items
Sunrise Flow 1: Wake Up Begin your day with an invigorating yoga flow that will help you expand your awareness and align your mindset with your heart-centered intentions.
Sunrise Flow 2: Fill Your Cup Take time first thing in the morning to fill your cup, warm your body, and tap into the power that you need for your day.
Sunrise Flow 3: Embody Strength Start your day with a warming flow that will help you connect to your inner strength and power so that you can bring that energy into your day.
Sunrise Flow 4: Be Fluid This class invites you to unclench and let go as you flow through your practice and your day. You will flow through warming sequences, find balance, breathe deep, and get an opportunity to embrace ease and grace.
Sunrise Flow 5: Come Alive Start your day off with this energetic flow that will warm and uplift you. You will flow, balance, and stretch as you breathe deep and connect to your inner spark.