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Presence is Power

Presence is Power

1.2: Chitta vritti nirodaha: Yoga is the resolution of the (dysfunctional) mind states.

Yoga Sutra 1.2 is the pillar around which Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras function. What does it mean? To put it another way, yoga is the ability to direct the mind without distraction or interruption. It sounds simple, right? Actually, simple definitely does not mean easy.

In our busy world, tuning out distractions and focusing on one single thing can feel unattainable. Dharana, the sixth limb of Patanjali’s eight-limbed ashtanga yoga path, is the first step in developing a one-point focus of the mind and prepares you for Dhyana (sustained focal attention) and the final limb, Samadhi, a deep achieved state of sustained attention.

When we can sink into true sustained attention, we are fully present and truly at the height of our personal power and light. Presence can equal freedom because you’ve released any attachment to future results and accepted what IS right now.

Yoga and meditation are steps along the journey to Samadhi. With dedicated practice, you learn to tune out disruptions and simply focus on what’s happening minute-by-minute and breath-by-breath. Use asana or the physical postures as a gateway or preparation for meditation. It’s all a practice of moving into stillness, inside and out. When you’re truly in the moment, you are focused and clear.

Step off of the yoga mat or meditation cushion and apply the principles to whatever it is you are doing. Harnessing your intentions and your energy allows you to create from your central core of power. Don’t allow your prana to disperse away from what you are focusing upon, whether that’s a creative endeavor, a relationship, or a handstand. True awareness and clarity arise when you are absorbed in the moment.

The yogic path is challenging and requires overcoming many obstacles and committing to constant practice over an extended time. The dedication and practice are worth it, however. Practice, practice, practice.

To aid you on your journey, we’ve got four excellent new classes for you this week. Each one approaches the quality of presence from a unique perspective. Push play on one right now with the intention of grounding and centering yourself.

1. Align & Flow: Mind in One Place - Jack Cuneo
2. Kundalini Yoga Therapeutics: Concentration In Action - Shabadpreet
3. The Neurology of Yoga - Shy Sayar
4. Yoga to Cool The Fire: Balancing Pitta Dosha - Maria Garre

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