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You are a Powerful Force

You are a Powerful Force

The Force is within you! Each and every one of us has a well of inner strength and courage, our source of personal power. Through our yoga and meditation practices, we can cultivate our inner light and empower ourselves to meet life’s challenges with courage and confidence. 

There are many paths to build personal power, strength, and compassion. A few of our favorite classes have empowering themes and/or solid Power Vinyasa flows, which are excellent ways to tap into your inner strength. If you need a reminder of just how courageous you are, these classes will give you a major boost. Yoga teaches us that all we need is inside of us and practice is to reveal and honor our inner light. 

Learning to dig deep and operate from our courageous hearts can be uncomfortable. At some point in our personal and professional lives, we will be asked to step out of our comfort zone and take action. By cultivating these qualities through consistent sadhana on the mat, we are better equipped to wield them off the mat. A sweaty invigorating Power Yoga class builds strength from the outside in.

Power Yoga focuses on linking breath to movement in what often feels like a powerful dance with a more vigorous pace and an emphasis on physical strength. The benefits of this class style include strengthening bones and joints, increasing endurance and stamina, boosting mood with endorphins, and focusing on the present moment. By settling into the faster rhythm of power flows, your mind quiets because you’re so focused on the movement, you don’t have space to be distracted. 

When a class centers on themes of empowerment, it encourages us to awaken our inner warrior, release self-doubt, and step into the most potent version of ourselves. The heart is where our desires, truths, and superpowers reside. Becoming your most powerful self doesn’t mean you can fly or bench-press your car, but that you operate from a place of resolve and stand up for your beliefs. By combining the external physical practice with the internal mindful intention, we strengthen our external body and fortify our inner resolve. 

Through consistent practice of turning our attention and awareness inward, we learn to recognize and free our inner truth and share it with the world. This week’s four classes are about stepping boldly into your personal power and having fun flowing in the process. Enjoy! 

1. Jackie Casal Mahrou - Power Up Flow

2. Dawnelle Arthur - Flow & HIIT: Bruce Lee Abs

3. Michelle Marchildon - Taming the Peacock

4. Pradeep Teotia - Power Flow

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