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Your One Mantra: Being Powerful Beyond Measure

Your One Mantra: Being Powerful Beyond Measure

You can with your one mantra: I am powerful beyond measure.

Mantras, words or sounds repeated, help fuel our mental livelihoods. Happiness is, after all, an inside job. When you edify yourself through mantras, you're taking a moment away from your inner self-critic and paying homage to what keeps your soul light. This, in turn, sparks your one and only creative self and brings you closer to a life of harmony and authenticity.

So it goes: I am powerful beyond measure.

I am strong. I am able to get past life's curveballs. I am open to receive. I am not defined by my past, nor what failures are made out to be. I am not labeled. I am not too old or too much or too little of anything. I am not a victim. I am on the right track. I am here and now. I am good and well. I am not anxious of what the future holds because it is not part of me now. I don't need to be in control. I am not my lover. I am not my father nor my mother. I am worth all of life. I am powerful. I am beyond measure. I am infinite.

Wherever you are or find yourself this week, practice a mantra to positively affect your mood and vitality. Return to the mantra to kickstart your day, or throughout your day when feelings of doubt or fear arise. This will help you identify instances of self-destruction and ego domination. What vices have been ruling your daily choices and lifestyle? How long have they been in control? Moreover, I find that using a mantra when I'm in a positive mood, like at the beginning of my run or during a yoga class, reinforces it, and makes it grow stronger.

Now (key word is now) take time to make small reflections, especially moments of fear, anxiety or doubt. Record your observations whenever you can to build awareness of your mind's tendencies. Instead of letting yourself to be overwhelmed or resorting to old habits, allow yourself to want everything you ever wanted.

Allow yourself to open up. Seek the endless possibilities of your life without holding back. Why? Because: You are powerful. Beyond. Measure.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" -Marianne Williamson


By: Sunny Koh


Sunny has been teaching yoga since 2011. After spending a couple years abroad as an English teacher, she is sharing her passion for yoga as a traveling instructor and writer. Currently, she teaches and writes about yoga in Costa Rica. She also enjoys photography, learning new languages, surfing and exploring. To get to know Sunny better, go to

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