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Rise & Shine: A 2-Week Morning Yoga Program

Ready to get your day’s off to a good start from now on? How you begin your day, has a massive impact on how well you live, how productive you are, your energy levels and your health and well-being in general.

Practicing yoga, early in your day has the power to get your days off to a healthy, happy start and carry it with you throughout. Whether you’re desiring better moods, more productivity at work, more consistent weight loss and exercise routines, or just more happiness, practicing yoga in the morning will help.

Physically, morning yoga warms up your digestive system for the day, supporting a stronger metabolism, and leaner build.

For some, simply showing up on their mat is the hardest part of any yoga class. Fortunately, getting the practice out of the way, early in the day, makes it easier to keep a consistent practice, and harder to procrastinate. We have the perfect program to help you stay on track.

This program, suitable for advanced beginners and up, consists of 10 classes uniquely designed to be practiced in the morning. There are two work-weeks of yoga classes to keep the routine diverse and fun. Often in the morning, the body can be tighter, the mind a little calmer, and a slightly different approach to the yoga practice is valuable and necessary. These top teachers have kept all of this in mind when creating these practices, for your morning. Each class will kick start your day, in the most revitalizing way possible, and have you ready to be your best, from morning onwards.

  • Anyone who wants to have good mornings and days
  • Yogis with basic experience
  • Those who want to have more energy each day
  • Anyone wanting to instill healthy habits into their morning routine
  • Anyone pressed for time, but still desiring a regular yoga routine

  • One week's worth of high quality yoga practices, especially designed by expert teachers for ideal mornings
  • A program to instill consistent healthy morning habits and routines
  • Tools for happier, more productive, and healthy days, starting with each morning


Full Program
Morning Yoga Program
$ 48.00
$ 48.00
Program Items
Week 1 / Day 1: Morning Quickie This is a quick, easy, effective morning practice to cleanse the aches from your body and energize you, so you can roll, shake, breathe and flow into the rest of your day!
Week 1 / Day 2: Kick Start Your Day Jump into your day fully committed with this class - a quick and to the point workout to start your day!
Week 1 / Day 3: Morning Movement This class will move you as you spin in all directions; front to back, side to side and twisting - you will wake up your hamstrings, shoulders and hips.
Week 1 / Day 4: Morning Yoga in Bed Rise and shine with this delicious yoga sequence designed to get you limber, wakeful and energized first thing in the morning - without even having to get out of bed!
Week 1 / Day 5: Wake Up & Flow Get your day started the right way with this beautiful and uplifting flow, which will build your practice with breath and strength to carry throughout your day.
Week 2 / Day 1: Morning Yoga Ritual Ease in to your day with this lovely yoga practice appropriate for all levels, that will have you gracefully floating through the rest of your day.
Week 2 / Day 2: Start Your Day Right A routine to wake up to and practice everyday, to begin your awesome day with very necessary functional movement and stretching so to give your body the best possible chance to feel good.
Week 2 / Day 3: Rise Flow & Shine This challenging class is a positive way to start your day - or to restart if you've hit a midday lull.
Week 2 / Day 4: Morning Yoga Fix Get your "yoga fix" as soon as you wake up with this short and flowing class that will connect with your intentions, move away from negative energy, and flow towards what you want for your day.
Week 2 / Day 5: Get Up & Flow This class is designed to help you get your body moving and energy flowing first thing in the morning, as you move through simple Sun Salutations and heart opening postures.