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$ 32.00

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5-Class Empowerment Flow Program

Every time we practice yoga we have an opportunity to connect to our highest self, tap into our greatest potential, and move through our shadows to discover the freedom that is on the other side. This 5 class Empowerment Flow series, will empower you to overcome doubt, fear, and ego and embrace the trust, courage, and wisdom that is within you.

Each class in this series combines warming power vinyasa flow with yoga postures that will help you cultivate strength, freedom and confidence in your body. Jackie will guide you step-by-step through a unique flowing sequence that will challenge, strengthen and open you, while weaving in empowering themes that will guide you into self-reflection, inquiry, and growth.

What does it mean for you, to feel empowered? Empowerment has been defined as the process of gaining freedom and power to do what you want.

Maybe you've already experienced moments or periods in your life when you've felt empowered, and want to create more of them. Or maybe you've struggled with confidence issues your entire life and are ready to release them for the first time. Or, maybe you already live life in an empowered state, and are simply excited to turn the dial up on just how powerful you can be. This 5 class program, from Jackie Casal Mahrou, will help develop your power, regardless of your current circumstance.

Physically, 5 consecutive days of 50+ minute intermediate yoga classes, can create some powerful changes in your body and have you feeling more clear, energized, and fit. Mentally, consistent yoga, can also be a catalyst for other empowering changes in your life. If you feel ready to live your highest potential, embark on this 5 class journey with Jackie, and empower yourself.

Note: This series is geared toward a student who has some experience in power vinyasa yoga. If you have not practiced this style before, try Jackie’s Beginner Power Yoga series first to gain experience.

Dr Tracy Jackson Jackie Casal Mahrou
For the past 13 years, Jackie has been passionately teaching and practicing yoga in Denver, CO. Believing that yoga can awaken us to the vast capacity of our hearts, minds and spirits, her intention is to empower her students to live boldly and authentically. Jackie’s classes are a combination of enlightening inspiration, graceful movement, alignment and encouragement

  • Anyone who is ready to feel and be powerful
  • Intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners (not first time beginners)
  • Anyone needing motivation and structure to overcome doubt and fear

  • 5x 50-70 minute intermediate power vinyasa yoga classes with empowering messages
  • 5 consecutive days of empowering yoga to create a strong and healthy yoga routine
  • An opportunity to connect with your true confidence


Full Program
5-Day Empowerment Flow Program
$ 32.00
$ 32.00
Program Items
Empowerment Flow 1: I think I Can This warming class includes lots of flow, single-leg balancing, Crow Pose with a optional Firefly Pose, as well as many other powerful postures.
Empowerment Flow 2: I am Worthy This sequence includes balancing postures, core work, and backbends (including Camel/Ustrasana) to help you feel confident, strong, and open.
Empowerment Flow 3: I am a Warrior You will flow through several rounds of Sun Salutation variations, access depth and strength as you hold postures such as Forearm Plank and Birds of Paradise, then explore your greatest expression of One-Legged Side Plank.
Empowerment Flow 4: Know Thyself Join Jackie in this warming and inspiring class that will connect you to your inner strength and challenge you to find confidence where you are.
Empowerment Flow 5: Let It Shine This strong & warming flow will help you connect to courage and cultivate strength so you can shine your brightest.