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Posted on 11/30/2021 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload students, To my favorite group of yogis: Wow, have I missed you all. I hope you are finding ways to stay healthy and strong in both body and mind throughout this season. I am hoping to get some new classes filmed for you soon! Be on the lookout for some prenatal and postpartum workouts, which I created while pregnant with my son last year. I truly cannot wait to be back guiding you through some fun and slightly challenging flows ;) You all continue to inspire and motivate me with your dedication to your practice. Keep it up and stay the course. You got this! Sending you all love in the new year.

Who is someone you really admire and why?

I'm thrilled that this question can have more than 1 person as the answer! My mom is hands down the biggest badass I have ever (and likely will ever) know and is someone I aspire to be like every single day. She is so kind and generous and pretty much everyone considers her to be their best friend. She is also incredibly smart, hardworking, and successful. I still don't understand how she worked as a veterinarian while simultaneously raising 4 kids. She is bionic. I also came to a whole new appreciation for her after having my son last year. She is a newborn whisperer and I'm not sure I would've made it through the challenges of postpartum without her unconditional love and support.

And speaking of unconditional love and support, my husband is someone I admire more and more each day. Being an ICU physician in the thick of a global pandemic coupled with having a newborn has been quite difficult (to say the least) and yet he has done it with such grace. He also somehow makes me laugh through even the most difficult times and makes me feel so appreciated and loved (even after working 100+ hour weeks). He works tirelessly for our entire family and his patients. Put simply, he kicks ass and I'm incredibly lucky. He continues to be my rock and his love for our son is the greatest thing I've ever witnessed in my life. 

Do you ever watch your own classes?

When the lockdown started last year, I was desperate to be back in a studio sweating my face off. Obviously, that wasn't happening, so at one point when I was very pregnant and craving a tough sculpt class I put on my 30-minute bootcamp class. Holy. Moly. It was...a lot. Physically and mentally (my voice really sounds like that? Yikes.) Watching myself on camera is not my favorite thing. I always think about what else I could've added to make it more challenging (yes, I'm crazy like that). So, although it was a bit weird, it was also fun to literally kick my own ass. 




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