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Posted on 9/29/2021 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload students, The past 18 months has been a test of our Yogic mettle. During this time I have often asked myself these questions: How am I doing during this great testing period? When the pandemic passes, how will I feel about the way I handled myself? Like many others, I have been navigating this terrain as best I can using all the yogic wisdom I have ever learned. I have also learned to allow space for my inevitable human reactionary tendencies.

After having had to process my grief and eventually learn acceptance around my son’s tragic death in 2003, I am no stranger to dealing with loss. My continual mantras are “there is Divine order even amongst all the chaos” “we are always in the right place at the right time” and “things are always working out for me”. These beliefs are among many mantras I use to keep myself from languishing too long in depressing or negative thoughts. 

Covid gave us all more time at home which in my case, led me back to my mat and sparked new discoveries and creativity. For that I am grateful because my body and mind definitely benefit from getting more of my attention. 

As we eventually emerge from this transformational time, my hope is that each of you can find a way to translate your own experience into some sort of a "gift". I know it’s not always felt or perceived that way and my heart is heavy knowing that this has been an extraordinarily trying time for many people. May all Beings find peace in their body, mind, and heart. See you on the mat!  With love, Desirée

What inspires your teaching?

I am inspired by getting to know what my students are feeling, wanting, and needing. After 35 years I have noticed that my teaching has evolved from trying to help people DO poses to teaching them how to USE the work of the asana to relieve suffering. I listen to what my students tell me about their pain or issues and then I observe them closely to see how I can suggest they deepen their understanding of their unique bodies. Whenever my body or mind has pain, I use it as a springboard to find true long-lasting relief. Many of my class sequences are created out of my own daily desire to feel better.  




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