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Posted on 6/27/2019 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload Students, Thank you for your support! I encourage you to check out all the different classes that I have to offer. My background is diverse and I have a variety of both fitness and yoga oriented classes on YogaDownload. One of my favorite classes that was recently released is called Foam Roll + Static Stretch. This class is great for students with an active lifestyle as well as students that might be recovering from an injury and laid up. Variety is the best way to deepen your practice, so I also want to encourage you to check out as many teachers as you can on YogaDownload. Namaste!

1. In your words, what is yoga? 

My favorite quote goes, "Nothing in the world is softer or weaker than water but for attacking the hard and the strong there is nothing like it. For the weak overcome strong and the soft overcome the hard this is known by all but practiced by none." -Toa Teh Ching  

To me, this is yoga.

2. What inspires your teaching?

When I experience an "aha" moment with a student. Helping and seeing a student intrinsically understand an aspect of yoga that they are studying is one of the most rewarding and inspiring aspects of teaching.

3. What teachers have impacted you the most?

Personally, I don't have any big name teachers to list. The yoga teachers who’ve had the biggest impact on my journey are the ones who have gotten me outside of my comfort zone. When I first started practicing yoga, the style I was trained in was Vinyasa. I had a teacher/mentor who encouraged me to check out other teachers and styles. She would take me to various studios and classes to check out some of her favorite teachers. This blew the doors off of what I initially thought yoga was, and it helped me get a diverse understanding of yoga. This also helped me cultivate my own perspective, which I believe allows me to be accessible to a wide range of students.

4. How do you bring yoga in your day to day life? 

Yoga is a part of my daily routine and is a way for me to take care of myself both physically and mentally.

5. How do you think can yoga help our world?

Yoga can help teach people how to take care of themselves. When we know how to take care of our self, we can take care of others and the world around us.

6. What are some other passions and things in your life that give you purpose and benefit your well-being?

I have 5 Pomeranians! My dogs fill my life with more love and joy than I know what to do with.

7. What are your favorite places in the world? What do you love about them?

I recently went to Nepal in October/November of 2018. Another avenue of getting outside of your box is to travel. I loved the history, people, food, and mountains. I also got a better appreciation for what “bad traffic” is really like!

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