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Posted on 9/30/2019 by Yoga Download

Hello Fearless Warriors! I am so pleased to be featured by YogaDownload. I am an alignment-oriented teacher and a recovering flow-junkie. I try to blend a mix of alignment cues and movement in each video, but for some, I talk too much, and for others, I move too fast. What can you do? I am also the model for the Fearless After Fifty series, where Desiree Rumbaugh explains how to sustain a life-long practice. This is based on the book we wrote together about aging with yoga. Lastly, thank you for your kindness in understanding that in some of my videos I was suffering from a medical condition that affected my voice. When I make new videos, I promise I sound like my usual self these days. See you on the mat. Stay fearless. Stay strong. Stay motivated.

What inspires your teaching?

I am inspired to have one with everything, to live the best life, taking the good with the bad, and holding space for the all of it.

What teachers have impacted you the most?

I am the consummate student and remain so today. I go from teacher to teacher and hope I learn a little from everyone. I began as an Ashtanga student but moved to Vinyasa, then to Anusara, then to more of an Iyengar approach as I slow down and move inward. My main teachers today are Amy Ippoliti, Christina Sell and Desiree Rumbaugh.

How do you think yoga can help our world?

It is my deepest hope that in practicing yoga we hold compassion for our limitations and steadfast confidence in our gifts. It is only in the healing of our deepest self that we can express empathy for others. We need more listening in this world today, and it begins on our mat.

What are some other things that give you purpose and benefit your well-being?

I love my family. I was an older mother and so by the time my two boys came along I was able to devote quite a bit of myself to their care. I tried to give them what I did not have – isn’t that true for most of us? And so, now that they’re grown, I feel so proud of the young men they have become, and a bit wistful for holding their chubby hands along the way.

What are your favorite places in the world. What do you love about them?

My favorite place in the whole world is Paris. I’ve been lucky to visit several times, and practice Iyengar yoga when I’m there. Besides bread, wine, cheese and yoga, I enjoy shopping, museums and visiting the patisserie in the afternoon. 

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