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Top 10 Reasons Why the New YogaDownload ROCKS!!
Top 10 Reasons Why the New YogaDownload ROCKS!!





1. Skip the Checkout

Seamless new checkout process lets you get straight to class from any page.

Skip the Checkout

2. It's Pet Friendly

We welcome you to practice down dog with your down dog, how many studios can say that?

It's Pet Friendly

3. Choices, Choices, Choices

Whether you're into running, weight lifting, an early morning vinyasa flow or a quiet detox, rest assured that there is a perfect YogaDownload option just for you.

Choices, Choices, Choices

4. Sleek Design

The new site is looking so fresh and so clean clean, with more intuitive site navigation to get you to exactly what you're looking for.

Sleek design

5. Take Yoga Anywhere

If you can take your iPod there, you can take your yoga there, no internet connection required.

Take Yoga Anywhere

6. Adaptive Streaming

Even if your home internet speed stinks, your YogaDownload classes will still stream smoothly. #NoBuffering

Adaptive Streaming

7. So. Many. Filters.

Search for the right class based on length, focus, intensity, teacher, style, level and more. One search to rule them all.

So. Many. Filters

8. Take a Private Class with Shiva Rea

Or Alanna Kaivalya. Or Ashley Turner. Or Ana Forrest. Some of the world's most highly regarded teachers are getting you tuned in and toned up at YogaDownload.

Take a private class with Shiva Rea

9. One Size Fits All

Our responsive site technology means that whether you're on a smartphone, a tablet or a big screen, you'll have the perfect viewing experience.

One Size Fits All

10. No Dress Code!

No need to elaborate here.

No Dress Code


Be sure to check out all our exciting new features! We truly hope you enjoy all that the new YDL has to offer!!

~ Team YogaDownload


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