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The Top 10: Your Fave Online Yoga Classes

The Top 10: Your Fave Online Yoga Classes


Yoga for Weight Loss 1

#1 - Yoga for Weight Loss - Part 1 and Part 2
Yoga strengthens, tones and builds flexibility – but it also works to positively affect your consciousness so you can keep the weight off. That’s why these 20-60 minute flows with Dawnelle Arthur are your #1 most downloaded classes! 

Intro to Yoga

#2 - Intro to Yoga
Taught by YogaDownload founder Jamie Kent, this class with options ranging from 30-60 minutes is the perfect place to start. Experience the incredible healing benefits and proper alignment – anywhere. 

HCY w/ Weights BC

#3 - HardCORE Yoga w/ Weights Boot Camp
An accessible 30 minutes to help you build up to Becca Riopelle's 60-minute HardCORE Yoga w/ Weights class
with an excellent blend of toning, stretching and cardio!

Warming Heart Flow

#4 - Warming Heart Flow
Yet another Jackie Casal-Mahrou favorite! This 70 minute flow will warm your heart in so many ways, encouraging you to seek out the joy (and the backbends).

HardCORE Yoga 2 - Balance & Flow

#5 - HardCORE Yoga 2 - Balance & Flow
Come to your edge. Jackie Casal-Mahrou combines flow, deep core work, single leg balancing, arm balances and handstands for a 60-minute physical challenge with grace. 

Total Body Blast

#6 - HardCORE Yoga w/ Weights - Total Body Blast
60 minutes with Becca Riopelle will work your entire body, head to toe, from the front of your mat to the back. Bring a towel! 

Hips, Heart, & Hamstring

#7 - Hips, Heart, and Hamstrings
If open hips and hamstrings make for an open heart, get ready to feel. Spend 50 minutes with Lisa Richards in this creative class for expansion and acceptance. 

Yoga Sculpt - Holy Shoulders & Abs!

#8 - Yoga Sculpt: Holy Shoulders & Abs!
Stretch, lengthen, sculpt your shoulders and tighten your tummy. Kylie Larson squeezes a day at the gym into 70 glorious, sweaty-sweaty minutes.

Interval Strength Yoga

#9 - Interval Strength Yoga
The perfect 30-minute workout to torch calories, ground the mind and increase flexibility. Get your heart pumping and feel exhilarated with Kristin Gibowicz.

Get Up & Flow

#10 - Get Up & Flow
Starting the day with breath and movement. Jackie Casal Mahrou’s 30 minute heart-opening series is your pick to get the energy flowing for a great day ahead. 


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