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How to Find Balance in your Second Chakra

How to Find Balance in your Second Chakra

The second chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, or sacral chakra. This chakra covers the region of the reproductive organs and lower abdomen and back.  As an intuitive, I see this as the emotional center of the body. This is the chakra that stores the information around how we are feeling, and what is going on for us emotionally.

One of the most common scenes I see playing out when doing energy work on the second chakra are the themes of what I call emotional competition and emotional judgment. What I mean by that is, the emotional space houses all of the emotions you have, but oftentimes our emotional body wants to compete with “good” vs. “bad” emotions. Many people have given anger, shame, sadness, and some of what we perceive as negative emotions a bad rap. The more we label those emotions as bad or wrong and try to push them out of that space, the more that second chakra will then snowball those emotions.

We all enjoy having joy, peace, happiness, and relief in there, and rightfully so, but the emotional life hack here is that all emotions are invited to the party we call a balanced and harmonious second chakra.

The easiest way to “heal” anger is to validate it, because in reality it is not the anger that needs the healing, it is the programmed traits, expressions, and reactions that arise within us when we feel anger that want to transform.

The best way to heal grief, to look at it and give it the much-needed validation and recognition it deserves. Grief doesn’t require examination, but it does need to be seen and heard before it’ll clean out the container you hold within to the truth and capacity of your joy.

Look inside and greet that anger or sadness like a friend. Ask if it is your emotion or maybe if it belongs to someone else.

Embrace the emotions and create dialogue within yourself. A balanced second chakra would be energetically set like a forest or a garden. It is more than one tree or plant that makes the forest or garden beautiful. There are many plants that create diversity and allow it to thrive, same for the emotional space. When you bring joy, anger, grief, shame, acceptance, love and more, all into harmony, magic happens.

When identifying fear within that emotional space, recognize that while fear can serve a purpose, it can also be like an invasive weed that takes over if left unattended.

I know a fun practice I like to use when setting the intention of getting a healing on my second chakra during my practice on the mat is to notice which spots in my hips and low back feel sticky or tight. When I inhale I focus solely on the inhale and become completely present with that uncomfortable space in my body. When I exhale I sometimes see stored energy of my past energetically leaving my body, and remain present with the exhale.

Another great way to play with doing energy work on your second chakra is to imagine a color or some colors that feel good in that sacral region from just below the rib cage, and down towards the navel. You can play with visualizing vibrations that are no longer serving you release from your body and dissipate, creating space for a balanced second chakra.

As much as we invest in reworking perceived negative emotional patterns in our lives, remember to soak up and bask in the one that feel yummy too, enjoy the giggles, the joy, the delicious food, funny movie, honest conversation, loving cuddles, sensual touches, or exciting news. These are all vital to experiencing balance in your second chakra.

By Angela D.

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