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Best Yoga Poses to Open your Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Best Yoga Poses to Open your Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The 7th Chakra is the crown chakra, and it can teach about unity and transcendence. It encompases the top of your head, where the other 6 chakras integrate. It’s important to try and keep your Crown Chakra balanced, as it can help you to understand the world and your existence in it. 

When your 7th Chakra is activated, it can unify your mind with your higher self. This Chakra is associated with wisdom and enlightenment, and awakening this Chakra can help to shake off confusion, self-doubt and hesitation.

The name for the Crown Chakra in Sanskrit is Sahasrana, which is translated as ‘the thousand petal lotus’. The energy collected in this Chakra helps you to be connected to everything in the world, and when it is unbalanced you can start to feel disconnected and attached to certain aspects in your life. This imbalance can also feel like you’re ‘stuck in your head’. 

If you want to activate your 7th Chakra, here are the best poses to help you:


The headstand, or Sirasana, is the best posture for stimulating the energy found in the crown chakra. However, this is a difficult pose that takes a lot of work and practice, as there is a risk of neck injury. When they are engaged correctly, the core muscle strength will help to create the steadiness you need for a headstand. Try to stay in the pose while managing regular breathing, up to five full breaths is recommended. 

If a full headstand is a little beyond your capabilities, you can also try a supported headstand, or Salamba Sirasana. This supported headstand inverts the flow of blood to the head, letting the rest of your body and organs rest. This supported version allows your to shift the body weight to your forearms and shoulders, as you lift one leg at a time. You can also practice against a wall to start off. 

In both headstands, your crown is connected to the floor, grounding it and connecting it to the earth, helping to restore the energy flow to your body. 

Rabbit Pose

If you’re not into headstands, Rabbit pose is another way to connect with your 7th Chakra without the full inversion. This pose allows you to forward bend from kneeling and lift your back as you cup your heels with your hands. It requires core strength and allows your sides and back of your body to expand with the breath. 


Savasana is a great pose to practice detachment, to fully let go of any judgement, desires or expectations and just be at one with yourself. While this pose is easy on the body, it can be difficult to keep your mind still. But by achieving this stillness, you can activate your crown chakra. Try to visualise a light entering the crown of your head and flowing through your body as your breath to increase the benefits. You can support your head on a blanket if you need, but the importance here is to let your body relax and be still, and let your mind quiet. This calm pose will help to balance the crown chakra, as well as release any stress.

Half Lotus Pose

Ardha Padmasana or Half Lotus Pose is a great pose for meditation and helps activate the crown Chakra. Achieve this pose by sitting down, lifting your left foot over your right thigh and simply sitting here with your hands on your knees. This pose helps to neutralise your blood pressure, as well as balancing your body and calming your mind. Half lotus can help to directly tap into your higher consciousness. 

Tree Pose

Tree pose is a balancing pose that taps into the energy of the 7th chakra through the gaze and position of the arms. This pose helps to align all your chakras from root to tip. Start with mountain pose and extend your spine, fixing your gaze. Lift your left leg and place the sole of the foot on the right leg inner thigh. This pose is great for practicing balance and strengthening your whole body!

Other ways to activate the crown Chakra:

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Your breath can help you to balance and activate the crown chakra, and alternate nostril breathing can help to connect the two hemispheres of the brain. Our nostrils can help us tap into the charged energy of the crown chakra by connecting our breath to our mind. This practice balances the crown chakra. Sit in a comfortable position and hold your hands so your last two fingers and thumbs are stretched out. Placing your thumb on your right nostril, inhale deeply in the left and hold for 2-3 seconds. Now place your fingers on your left nostril and exhale deeply from the right nostril. Do this 5-6 times on each side. 

This will help to bring your mind to the present moment and bring calm and balance to your mind.

Seed Mantra Meditation

OM is the seed mantra of the Crown Chakra. This is a sound that when chanted, will resonate with the crown chakra and activate it. You can do this by sitting in an easy pose, taking deep breaths and chanting OM loudly, feeling your chakra opening and letting energy flow. 

By Amy Cavill

Want to stimulate your crown chakra? These classes all focus on the 7th chakra, and help to charge and balance it in order to feel at one with the world. 

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