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Healing the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra by Journaling

Healing the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra by Journaling

Clearing and opening the throat chakra solves issues related to the inability to find and speak any truth. The results of the healed throat chakra are authentic and vivid self-expression. You naturally stand in your highest self, and your speech expresses the real need of your whole being.

When this cycle is broken, you will talk through your head and not from the core of your existence. Your speech may be weak, crooked, or you may verbally dominate others when your Visshuda chakra is out of balance. The defensive debate is a common symptom of an unclear throat cycle. Being able to connect with your heart is essential to know your truth, and a clear Vishuddha chakra will help you express yourself in a smooth, beautiful, flowing speech. Here is how to open your throat chakra with journaling with daily writing practices, whether you like to journal in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Here is how to open your throat chakra using a pen and paper:

Writing skills will definitely come in handy when trying to open the fifth chakra. If you are not confident enough to voice all your thoughts, then the notebook’s pages will become that sacred place where no one will be judgemental of you and your opinions. The beginner’s starting point would be journaling.

If you are a more advanced writer then forming your ideas into a psychological novel is what you may find more appealing. But journaling might be reasonably the best option as far as it promotes your personal accountability, the ability to explore your inner self, which can sometimes be absurd and preposterous, but you still have to accept it.

Why a Pen and Paper Are Better Than a Keyboard and Screen?

Handwriting prevents you from editing your own thoughts. We can not use backspace in real life, hence we can not reverse something that was already said. What is more, while many people in their 20's and 30's are attached to their devices all the time, the activity of using something material has a calming and relaxing effect. But if it brings you real discomfort, you shouldn’t torture yourself with an option you are comfortable with.

The beginners usually have a common mistake of believing that everything they write must be deep and sensual. But that delusion prevents you from keeping a diary for yourself and nobody else. True depth comes naturally, by itself, even by accident. This is how journaling will help bring out information that is stored deeper than consciousness. A journal can help us explore pathways that we cannot consciously discover.

These days, the case of burning out is quite common, and people forget who they really are. That is why many practice yoga to heal their chakras. When we write in a diary, we create more space and time for what is inside of us. It enables us to spend time with ourselves and to recognize and perceive our thoughts and feelings.

Writing is also a creative process. As soon as we get into a flow, the words will flow out of you and you will notice that you think less but feel more for it - you write from the heart. Reading through it again enables you to dig deeper into your heart and you have the chance to see more clearly and understand better what is going on with you.

These Types of Journals Can Help You Clear the Throat Chakra

There are several types of journals that suit different people. However, do not limit yourself to those boundaries, maybe you are going to invent your own type of diary in the process of daily writing.

A Positivity Diary

In this diary, you write down only the positive things that happened to you today. Think about whether you want to make whole sentences or just bullet points. Always write down your 3 to 5 positive moments in the evening before going to sleep. Use this exercise as part of your daily reflection by letting your day pass by in your mind's eye, identifying the positive moments.

You may find it difficult to find something positive - on a normal weekday ... then think carefully! A positive moment doesn't have to be anything spectacular! Perhaps the sun shone particularly beautifully in your living room in the morning. Or did your lunch taste surprisingly good? Or was your colleague especially funny today?

Learn to appreciate the little things in life and to notice them in the first place! You will sharpen your perception and find the little things to be much more valuable and important. This will enrich your life and make you happier because you are simply more positive. Your energy level will increase, you will gain new strength from it and increase your awareness. Ending your day in this way will also have an extremely soothing effect on you.

A Gratitude Diary

Gratitude is one of the most beautiful feelings ever! Gratitude comes from abundance. It is the perception of having. You can only feel gratitude when you acknowledge what you already have and don't focus on what you don't have. A gratitude journal can be powerful. Again, it can be the smallest things, moments, or situations - only your feelings count. Try to write something different every day and think a little bit - you will train your gratitude muscle particularly well. After a short time, you will feel how much this new awareness has strengthened you, and your life will become fuller.

A Freeform Journal

In journaling, you have no specific topic, but reflect the day, the moment, the week, the vacation (whatever) from the perspective of your feelings and perception. This will expand your awareness extremely and you will learn a lot about yourself. Once immersed in this method, you will want to feel further inside yourself. You can also integrate journaling into a routine or you can take your notebook with you everywhere and as soon as you feel the urge to write something down, just do it!

Conclusion: Overall, one can heal their throat chakra by recording their feelings in a diary, for example, but the most important thing is to express your true thoughts with ease. You have no one to be ashamed of on the pages of your diary, except yourself. It can be a difficult experience, but voicing your feelings, emotions, desires, and experiences is the first step to accepting yourself and opening your true self to the world.

By Ana Mayer

This article was written by Ana Mayer, a project manager with 3+ years of experience. While projects can do without her participation (which means almost never), she likes to read and create expert academic materials for the Online Writers RatingBest Writers Online review websiteSuch work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.

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