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Best Poses to Balance Your Throat (Visshuda) Chakra

Best Poses to Balance Your Throat (Visshuda) Chakra

Your throat chakra is the center of communication, where you express yourself and truth. It is associated with ether. Physically, it is connected with your throat region. It is related to being honest and expressing yourself.

When your throat chakra is out of balance, it can physically result in any issues with the throat or thyroid, and motionally with dishonesty, an inability to speak up - or to stop talking.

Someone who cannot stop talking, gossips, lies, and brings harm with their words has an overactive and out-of-balance throat chakra. Someone who cannot speak up for themselves has trouble initiating difficult conversations, or almost whispers as their normal speaking voice, and has an underactive and out-of-balance throat chakra.

A healthy throat chakra in an individual can lead to a healthy sense of self-expression, the ability to articulate and also listen, and ideal posture in the neck region.  Someone who is confident in how they speak, honest and straightforward, can be honest, even when it's not easy, and show signs of a healthy throat chakra. One who brings more joy through their words is another example of someone with a powerful throat chakra.

Yoga is a fantastic way to connect with this energy center and bring it into balance. Here are some postures and classes that will help you enhance this powerful center of your body.

Poses for a Healthy Visshuda Chakra


Pose Name

Shoulderstand is a fantastic pose for Visshuda chakra. All of the energy in the body flows towards the throat chakra and excess stagnation flows out the back of the throat chakra. 


Pose Name

Cobra pose opens your heart and throat. You'll create spaciousness here, by holding this pose for several breaths and creating length between the bottom of your neck/throat and the base of your skull, which is a region where many of us carry tension.

Seated Spinal Twist

Pose Name

Twists rotate is the region of the head and neck. Your throat and neck get a nice rinse in this posture, physically and energetically. This posture in particular is connected to the Visshuda chakra and can help you let go of all of those unsaid things you might be carrying around energetically.


Pose Name

Wheel pose opens several chakras in the body, and creates a deep opening in the throat chakra. Time spent in this pose lengthens the back of your neck and is a perfect counter-balance to too much time spent texting, driving, or on the computer. 



Cat/Cow posture helps open your throat and the region of your neck. While this posture is usually done quickly, holding each part of this posture will help with a greater opening in the throat and neck.

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