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Chakra Colors Debunked: Healing with Colors

Chakra Colors Debunked: Healing with Colors

If you google the word “chakra,” the first six images you see share the idea of chakras being seven energetic vortexes located on a person’s body, that correspond with regions of the body physically, spiritually, and energetically.

You will also see that all six images consistently show the seven chakras are all the same colors in descending order from the crown chakra to the root chakra:

Violet Crown Chakra

Indigo Third Eye Chakra 

Blue Throat Chakra 

Green Heart Chakra 

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra 

Orange Sacral Chakra 

Red Root Chakra 

As someone who has been looking at chakras, or psychically reading chakras, within both myself and others, for seven years, what I see and have seen, rarely ever seems to correlate with the status-quo concept of each chakra having a predetermined color. Often I see chakras as having many colors.

Another observation I have made over the years is how different we each respond to various frequencies, and that every person is as unique as the colors that make up their chakras. For instance, I notice if I set my first chakra to a bright red color, as seen in the images that show up in the search results, my body doesn’t feel well, tension arises in my stomach, and anxieties around “responsibility” start to create an uneasy and anxious feeling.

When I notice this, I pause, and ask myself, “What color feels right for my first chakra, because red just isn’t it.”

My body responds with an image appearing like a paint sample, and I immediately see a soft, buttery, daffodil yellow. I proceed to switch my first chakra from bright red to daffodil yellow, and immediately notice the difference physically. The tension lightens up and feels like a wave of relief and a quick transition from the prior physical state I experienced. 

Often times, various triggers throughout the day or week might affect us in a very real and physical way, and these experiences result in our body telling us something. A common knee-jerk reaction to feeling something unpleasant, such as I experienced when setting my Root Chakra at red, is to go unconscious, and then become comfortable with that uneasy feeling. What if triggering experiences are something to simply become aware of and check in with. Maybe neutralizing ourselves in a triggered state can become as simple and playful as switching the color on a paint palette?

By Angela Droughton

Angela Droughton is a Spiritual Counselor, Mindfulness Educator, Psychic, Minister, and the creator of Mother Sparkle. Find out more by visiting her page at​

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