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Healthy Roots: Heal Your 1st Chakra with Yoga

Healthy Roots: Heal Your 1st Chakra with Yoga

The first chakra is the chakra that most reflects the physical body; also known as the root chakra, or Muladhara. Energetically speaking, the root chakra contains the information that codes how we take care of our physical bodies, what set of experiences have created assistance and resistance to being in our bodies, survival information, safety information, fight, or flight information and our connection to our mother.

Whenever we feel that things are no longer in alignment with us, or could use some mending or transformation, the first chakra tends to be the best place to go within and get curious

Maybe we are feeling drained, defensive, uncertain, or like we are operating off knee-jerk reactions or a personal belief system how to take care of ourselves, that feels outdated at a core level. A great way to self-heal that first chakra is to create a dialogue with your body. There are many mediums to doing this, but let’s talk about using yoga asanas as a simplified way in which to do so. 

The beauty of self-healing is that while it does require curiosity, it does not require analytical dissection. For those with a strong basis in psychology, I understand how this might be triggering, I am just simply offering different mindful, right-brain approach to healing without a need for the analyzer. 

So what does getting curious about outdated information in the first chakra look like?

Here are some examples, but again, the emphasis is on what to get curious about will be based upon how you are or are not taking care of the physical body, and what does or doesn’t feel good for you. 

  • Do you have a hard time drinking enough water in a day? 
  • Do you eat when you are hungry?
  • Do you know the difference between eating for nourishment, boredom, and comfort?
  • Are you struggling to sleep well, or through the night? 
  • Do you feel too busy to eat or drink a certain way? 
  • Do you have trouble slowing down, and taking some time out for yourself each day?
  • Do you tell yourself, “Well when _______ happens, I will start to ______.”
  • Do you notice any patterns around taking care of the physical body, that remind you of how your parents maybe took care of their physical bodies, but it feels inherited rather than how you would like to take care of yourself?
  • Do you feel overly attached to your child or energetically enmeshed with your child beyond the standard parent/child relationship? (Taking care of your child’s physical needs feels more important than your own, or you feel lots of guilt when you prioritize yourself and your needs?)
  • Desire to take better care of yourself, but aren’t quite sure how, or what that looks like moving forward?

Okay, so where to begin, now that I have you triggered!

When healing this first chakra space through the intention of your asanas or yoga practice and turning down the analytical mind you simply begin on your mat. Before the practice starts, simply set the intention that any outdated information or information that is creating discord in the first chakra around how to take care of your physical body is released. Also, ask if any blocks in the communication between you and your body are mended. 

Wait, it's that easy?

Yes, it can be. Decoding, re-writing, and transforming chakras can be a wormhole of a topic, but it also doesn’t have to be rocket science or an incredibly gut-wrenching process of self-discovery. 

As you flow through your yoga practice, with the intention in place that you are self-healing your root chakra, it is like opting for the update on your phone or computer. You are bringing yourself into the highest frequency possible for you and your optimal health in present time, and coming into clear communication with your body and its needs. You are also releasing old information and unconscious memories that have created and shaped the previous vibration of how you take care of your physical body. 

See what happens, get curious, watch what comes up for you during your practice when that intention is in place. See what get’s uncomfortable, see what you get to breathe into, get really present, with, and then transition out of it.

We all know magic happens every time we get on our mats. Allow the magic of your practice to transform your first chakra without digging too deep into your personal psyche, but through presence, breath, transitioning asanas, and willingness to show up and trying something new. 

Set your intention and align your Mulhadara chakra in yoga, right now!

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