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Easy Guide to Balancing Your Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Easy Guide to Balancing Your Root Chakra (Muladhara)

We can feel at home, anywhere. By nature, I am not the most settled person. I travel constantly and I haven't really had a home base that I would confidently call my own. Over the last few years, I’ve changed locations dozens of times across multiple countries. I’ve lived in places for no more than 6 weeks at a time. It’s been an exciting adventure and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Through my experience, I have learned to bring my sense of “home” with me wherever I go. A master nester, if you will. I have become accustomed to picking my life up, putting it on my shoulders, and moving to the next destination. Kind of like a turtle, my home is always with me.

Lately, the idea of continuing to travel drains me more than it inspires me. It’s clear that I’m craving stability. I’m craving security. I’m craving a home base. I recognize all of these as Root Chakra needs. We all have them.

To cope with my imbalanced Root Chakra, I’ve been working with earth energy and using grounding techniques in my meditation practice. I’ve pulled out all the stops.

In this guide to balancing the Root Chakra, I share my go-to practices and rituals that make me feel warm and cozy in an instant. Those that help me feel strong, empowered and deeply connected.

I love the process of settling in. I love making myself feel at home. My sense of home is always with me. By sharing what works for me, I hope it brings peace and stability into your world.

Simple Approaches to Heal the Root Chakra: Below you’ll find an outline of a few simple Root Chakra calming strategies. Calming and balancing activities for the chakras range from contemplation, meditation, proper nutrition, and physical exercise.

These exercises, in conjunction with a Root Chakra Healing Program will help you to experience a balanced Root Chakra in no time. Trust in yourself to do the work. Work it and it’ll work for you.

1. Earthbound Connections

Because people with Root chakra imbalance feel anxious and detached, re-establishing relation to the Earth is the first phase toward healing Muladhara. The Root Chakra relates deeply to the element of the earth, so when we do activities that connect us with the earth, we are nurturing our Root Chakra. Stimulate connection with the earth by gardening or going on long walks in nature.

If you are in an urban area, you can still find nature around you. Bring a plant into your apartment, or go visit a local park. Even holding a crystal could do the trick. The point is to feel a connection with the earth. You could even meditate with the idea of Grounding.

When healing the Root Chakra, be mindful to ensure a safe and harmonious connection with your surroundings and loved ones. The connection to the world and your surroundings will create a sense of harmony and stability. With a connection to earth energy, you may feel at ease with who you are and your purpose in this world.

2. Eat Root Vegetables

Minor adjustments to your food intake may also prove beneficial to healing the Root Chakra. The organic matter that we ingest literally forms the basis of our being. In a literal sense, the proteins and vitamins in our food become the baseline of our health.

A balanced diet can usually help hold the chakras intact. Do you ever wonder why you crave “comfort food” when you are stressed? There are some common foods associated with the Root Chakra. Ironically, those foods are generally roots!

Look for foods that are:

• High in protein. Feed your muscles foods like beans, tofu, kale, and almonds.

• Red. Because of its connection with the color red, the Root Chakra plays nicely with red foods like red peppers, raspberries, or cherries. Typically these products give you a lot of vitamin C, and support your immune system, as a bonus.

• Roots. Vegetables such as beets, carrots and potatoes are all grown in the ground. Directly related to the roots in the earth, these vegetables help to rebalance a misaligned Root Chakra.

3. Crystal Healing for Root Chakra

You might be able to realign or begin to unblock the Root Chakra by working intentionally with certain stones. Crystals carry energy and when working with certain stones, you can access different levels of energy and connection. As crystals are made of earthbound energy, working with crystals can bring a sense of calm to the Root Chakra.

When working with the Root Chakra, the following stones may be of particular benefit.

• Carnelian: A pale red stone with orange hues. Red carnelian blends power, cleanliness, and courage. If you suffer from anxiety and can’t bring yourself to abandon your comfort zone, Carnelian will support you in building self-confidence.

• Obsidian: A black gemstone is said to be a stone of protection. You can defend yourself against dark energy with this stone. Wear it while you work to become more stable in your life, and your obstacles will be met with ease.

• Bloodstone: Historically kept as a token of good health and long life, Bloodstone also has a reputation for bringing good fortune. Leading to an increase in finances, it helps to banish negativity and protect one from evil. With all that, Bloodstone will be your Root Chakra’s lucky charm.

• Argonite: Argonite is the crystal of expansion. It supports us as we learn to expand our beliefs and learn to reprogram our prejudices. We need to be able to stretch out edges and grow without fear or worry getting in the way.

4. Abundance Mindset

Adopting an abundance mindset can have a tremendous impact on a healthy energetic system. Meditation and journaling practices may be a tremendous benefit in letting go of materialistic desires. Instead of worrying about the lack, focus on the good you already have.

Reframe your perspective when thinking about finances, your sense of self, or your general health and safety. Instead of thinking, “I’m so broke. My bank account is empty.” Try thinking, “My bank account is wide open for growth.”

One of the main aspects of Muladhara chakra healing is learning to trust and enjoy yourself by letting go of anxiety. Your nerves naturally decrease when you stop operating from a scarcity mindset. Accept that you are important and successful in this universe. Believe that good things are coming.

Anything you put your mind to, you will do.

Be confident in sharing your power and capabilities. As you use an abundance mindset to calm the Root Chakra, you will find hope, confidence, and resilience. Remember: There is always enough.

5. Meditations on the Root Chakra

Root Chakra meditations will benefit you too when it comes to healing Muladhara. Start by initiating your standard mediation strategies, such as sitting still and concentrating on the breath. But then, try to draw a physical connection to the earth. Using grounding techniques like the Grounding Cord Meditation taught in my Root Chakra Healing Kit, can stimulate a strong connection with the earth and build a sense of security in the Root Chakra.

Sit or stand up straight. Start by relaxing all your muscles and shutting your eyes. Breathe deeply. Inhale through the nose, draw the air through the lungs as deep down as you can, and exhale through the mouth.

Shift your focus to the Root Chakra spot, right under your tailbone.

Imagine an energetic cord expanding from that area into the earth. Let it drop below the floor, and the dirt and rocks beneath that. Continue to drop the cord further and further into the earth’s core. Then, pause in the stillness.

In this connected state, release any unwanted feelings of anxiety, stress, or worry. Let the healing energy of the earth absorb those feelings. They can be transformed into something productive in another cycle.

Before returning back to the room, take a moment to pull up feelings of safety, security, and abundance. Bring these energies with you as lessons and reminders from the earth. Use them to remind yourself that there is always enough for everyone and we are destined to thrive.

Visualize the cord coming back up toward the Root Chakra center at the base of your spine and integrating seamlessly into your being. You are fully connected, whole, and held by the earth. There is nothing to worry about.

Find the full-length guided version of this meditation in the Root Chakra Toolkit, an online course for nurturing your Root Chakra.

6. Practice Grounding Yoga Poses

The following yoga poses help to connect with the earth's energy and bring a sense of grounding to the physical body. Try to be completely present when activating your Root Chakra and be intentional about your movements and the way you power through or release completely.

Think about what your body needs, then listen to it. Here are some suggested practices. 

Morning Grounding Poses:

  • Child’s Pose
  • Cobra
  • Downward-Facing Dog
  • Goddess
  • Yogi Squat
  • Mountain
  • Tree
  • Savasana

Earthy Evening Poses:

  • Savasana
  • Waterfall Pose
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Reclined Butterfly
  • Reclined Spinal Twist
  • Supported Bridge
  • Constructive Rest

Conclusion: As a long-term traveler, I’ve used these tricks to help me get a sense of being grounded while traveling. Despite my home changing dozens of times across multiple landscapes over the last couple years. I have learned to carry my home with me.

By working with the practices mentioned above, I have maintained my sense of security, my Root Chakra alignment, and overcome my own fears and insecurities. You can too.

If you utilize some of the tactics in this guide, comment below and let me know how you get on with it! I can also help support your journey through 3-Days to Ground Yourself.

Be well & happy living.

By Whitney Reynolds

I'm an online yoga and meditation teacher and certified energy healer. I've spent the past few years traveling the world, but have recently settled down in the state of Oregon. I teach from a culturally-sensitive and trauma-informed lens and enjoy holding space for transformative class experiences.

Find the Ground Yourself Challenge here.

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