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The Power of Gemstones & Mala Beads

The Power of Gemstones & Mala Beads

You’ve probably seen mala beads being worn by your meditation friends—they are beaded necklaces or bracelets with a tassel at the end. While mala beads are worn as beautiful spiritual jewelry, they can also be used as a powerful aid in meditation. Most places and companies that supply mala beads, have a wide selection of gemstone, wood and seed malas to choose from, so it's important to recognize the different effects of malas depending on which gemstones they are made of. 

Here are two simple ways mala beads benefit those who wear them.

1. Mala beads carry specific intentions and energetic properties. If you know your struggles in life you can select a mala with properties to help you overcome these obstacles. Buying a wood or gemstone mala that has specific intentions and qualities that you're needing, will help you in real ways. Gemstone malas will allow you to carry those intentions and qualities with you wherever you go, and serve as a powerful reminder of how you're desiring to grow.

2. Mala beads help deepen one's meditation practice to create more inner peace and less stress. Meditation is a powerful practice in yoga and Buddhism. Using a mantra, a Sanskrit or Tibetan prayer, for meditation can create more potent mental, emotional and physical breakthroughs. Using mala beads in meditation helps to calm inner thoughts and obtain mindfulness. The yoga prayer beads are made of different stones that help you to get the answers you've been searching. The ultimate result is emotional stability, less stress, and inner peace that can be steady regardless of changing life situations.

By focusing on the mantra, and keeping count with the beads you more easily improve focus and concentration. If you have a friend that could use some extra focus and concentration, gift them some mala beads!

Here are the powers and qualities you can cultivate with specific gemstones on your mala:

• Howlite helps us be patient and stress-free.
Lava stone gives more physical strength, mental power, and clarity.
• Labradorite to awakens magic and the gift of serendipity and synchronicity.
• Blue Agate inspires more creative.
• Amazonite connects us to our inner power.
• Amethyst is perfect for more stability, strength, and inspiration.
• Carnelian brings prosperity and good luck. 
• Chrysocolla promotes love, understanding, and balance.

Now that you know all of these great benefits of malas, you might want to pick out some for yourself or buy them as a gift for someone special in your life.

By Michelle Bouchard

Michelle Bouchard has dedicated herself to teaching, studying, and writing about yoga for over 20 years. She is currently the metaphysical gemstone advisor for Japa Mala Beads. Apart from her absolute joy for the practice and philosophy of yoga, Michelle loves to travel around the world, hike, dance, and swim in oceans, lakes, and streams. She believes yoga and meditation can help bring change and harmony in the world and make human life free from suffering. Japa Mala Beads has an amazing selection of over 160 different mala bead designs!

Practice meditation right now (with mala beads if you have them) on!

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