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12 Tips to Fight Signs of Aging

12 Tips to Fight Signs of Aging

Time comes for us all, and while getting older is a natural process that’s fully embracing, you may want to fight certain signs of aging. Whether it’s physiological changes such as slower movements and decreased mobility, or something more superficial, like those wrinkles around the eyes, everyone has a different concern about getting older. You might be wondering what the best way to fight signs of aging are, or just want some advice on how to stay healthy and active in older age. We’ve put together some key tips to fight signs of aging, from what you use on your skin, to what you do to stay active, and even how to keep your brain sharp.

Here are 12 essential tips to fight signs of aging, broken down into 4 important categories!


1. Use Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun is essential when it comes to fighting signs of aging. Sun damage can cause havoc on your skin, and is the main cause of aging skin and wrinkles. Wearing a sunscreen daily is an important weapon in fighting signs of aging on your skin. Don’t just limit use to the summer months, as the sun can damage your skin even when it’s cold out. 

2. Use Retinol

Retinol contains Vitamin A, which is universally regarded as the best ingredient to fight signs of aging and skin damage. Vitamin A is key in stimulating the production of collagen, as well as fighting wrinkles and acne, so it’s a key component of your skincare regime if aging is one of your concerns.

3. Moisturize

Your skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture as you age, which means you might be noticing more dry and flaky skin when you get older. The easiest way to combat this sign of aging is to start using a moisturiser, to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. 


4.  Nuts

Nuts are an amazing source of anti-aging properties. Eating one or two ounces a day will help to lower your cholesterol, as well as providing your body with the proteins, nutrients and fibre it needs to stay healthy. Adding these as a snack in your diet will keep your heart strong.

5. Blueberries

You may already know that antioxidants are vital in fighting signs of ageing, but did you know that blueberries contain more antioxidants than other fruits? Adding these into your diet will ensure you are getting protection from free radical damage - that’s all the signs of aging that come along with stress and pollution, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin C.

6. Turmeric

The health benefits of Turmeric are vast, and this spice has long been hailed for its health and anti-aging properties. It can help with signs of aging such as inflammation, arthritis and even diabetes. 


7. Yoga Inversions

Yoga is a great way to stay young, but did you know that you can also use it to fight wrinkles and signs of aging? Practicing yoga inversions can help fight signs of aging, as they encourage our muscles to fight gravity. By practicing inversion poses, we can encourage our blood flow back to our head, and also can help fight hair loss and wrinkles. By staying active and moving your body, you’re also fighting stress, which can cause signs of aging. Yoga is also a great way to keep your body moving and combat against the body slowing down as we age.  Take a look at some of the inversion classes available from Yoga Download, and take advantage of those anti-gravity, anti-aging poses today!

8. Weight Training

By introducing strength training into your workouts, you can encourage your body to stay stronger, active and more mobile as you age. This can massively reduce the risk of injuries as you age, and reduce muscle loss that occurs as you age, as well as help reduce stress. 


Recent studies have shown that High Impact Interval Training is one of the best workouts to fight aging. HIIT has been proven to increase the ‘mitochondria’ of our cells, which is the source of our bodies energy, as well as improve heart and lung function. Try introducing a HIIT workout into your regime, and see if you notice an increase in energy.

Stress Management

10. Meditation

Meditating even for just a few minutes each day can help to ease stress and calm your mind, as well as easing ailments that come along with aging. Meditation can also boost your brain power and increase your attention span, keeping your mind sharp and young. If you’re new to meditation, try guided meditation to help you get used to the practice.

11. Positive Thinking

An easy way to relax after a stressful day - and reduce the way stress can age your skin, body and mind - is to think positive thoughts. Daily positive affirmations can help to change your thought processes and help fight stress and depression. 

12. Get enough sleep

What’s an instant way to look older and show signs of ageing? Not getting a good night’s sleep. We’ve all been there when we’ve had a long night and noticed dark circles and dull skin in the morning. Habitually not getting enough sleep can not only age your appearance, but also affect your mind. Getting into a bedtime ritual, and making sure you are going to sleep early enough to get 6-9 hours a day is vital in fighting the signs of ageing, both inside and out.

By Amy Cavill

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