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Yoga for Better Sleep

If you are one of those suffering from various forms of insomnia, you are much more likely to experience health problems such as anxiety, depression, diabetes and congestive heart failure. Sometimes medication can be an appropriate choice, but any treatment is best to begin with basic lifestyle changes. Yoga can help to form the basis of a long-term, sustainable lifestyle that helps you sleep more, and better.

A pre-bedtime yoga for sleep practice can help. Studies indicate that yoga can help to improve sleep among people suffering from insomnia. Researchers at Harvard Medical School investigated how a yoga practice might affect sleep for people with insomnia and found broad improvements to measurements of sleep quality and quantity.

When working yoga into your bedtime routine, it’s important to do the right kind. Some types of yoga can be energizing and won’t help you relax, whereas these carefully crafted classes are designed to prepare your body for sleep. You'll get something unique from each of the five calming, restful, enjoyable classes in this package. Pick your favorites and build them into your routine, and watch your sleeping noticeably improve. With improved sleep, comes improved well-being. A good night's sleep really is within reach and Yoga for Deep Sleep will help you establish a relaxing bedtime routine.

  • Beginner to advanced students and meditators
  • Insomniacs
  • Those who are struggling to sleep well
  • Light sleepers
  • Those who want to sleep through the night better

  • Deep, restful sleep to have you feeling rested, and replenished each morning
  • How to relax yourself before bed
  • How to drift off easily into a good night’s sleep
  • How to sleep more deeply
  • Yoga and breathing techniques to create new healthy sleep in your life


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Yoga for Better Sleep
$ 44.00
$ 44.00
Program Items
Pranyama for Better Sleep Learn the art of winding down and relaxing the nervous system for better sleep.
Yoga for a Good Night's Sleep This class will help you induce sleep give you more energy for a clearer mind and better health in general.
Nighttime Nidra Unwind your day with this juicy restorative practice of Yoga Nidra designed to help you release any extraneous tension and stress.
Therapeutic Yoga for Stress, Anxiety, & Insomnia A sequence of practices with the aim of relaxing, restoring and rejuvenating.
Bedtime Yin with Body Scan This class will prepare both the body and the mind for a relaxing and potent night of sleep.
Tibetan Yoga Nidra Gain deep relaxation and inspiration from this unique combination of classical therapeutic Yoga Nidra.
Intro to Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra is a healing and meditative practice that takes students into deeper states of relaxation.
Yoga for Better Sleep This short and relaxing class will help you let go of your day, melt into the moment, and release any tension in your body.
Daily Decompression This class will help decompress your spine, increase mobility, and relax your mind.
Yoga Nidra (audio class) This yoga nidra is a soft, relaxing meditation that will help you unwind every part of yourself, on every level of your being.
Meditate and Cultivate Calm This class emphasises enjoying the process, not getting caught up on doing meditation correctly, and staying connected to your breath.