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5 Ways to Fight Depression

5 Ways to Fight Depression

Depression can be enfeebling, and it is not in any way the same thing as being unhappy. Being unhappy can often be connected to a reason that we can trace, but depression is not the same. Many times we cannot determine it back to its cause; it is like swimming in dark water. A feeling of hopelessness sinks in and all the things that we used to enjoy no longer interest us.

Depression can cause severe impairment in our daily life. It affects not only our mood but also various other aspects of our life like low energy levels, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, lack of concentration, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and so on. A chronic case of depression may require someone to see a therapist. However, if detected at an early stage, there are several ways by which one can come out of it on their own and fight depression before it becomes overbearing.

Here are 5 powerful ways you can fight depression!

1. Practice Mindfulness: When you feel depressed, everything around you seems incorrect. You start to see things negatively and undermine your capabilities. For example, you may end up feeling that you are not competent enough to perform a job or task. This may make you feel demeaned.

You need to practice mindfulness by focusing your attention on your ambition. Have a strategized plan and engage yourself in working towards achieving your goals and leave no room for worries or negative thoughts. 

2. Listening to Music: Music is food for the soul. It helps you soothe when you are feeling low, hopeless or heartbroken. The distraction provides maybe temporary, but for some time it calms you and enables you to become thoughtless, giving a break to your mind. When you feel negative emotions, try listening to soothing and positive music and get your groove back. 

3. Avoid Negative Talk: Give value to your thoughts and the way you talk. Usually, if you talk and think in a certain way over a period, it automatically becomes your way of life. If you give less value to yourself and talk more negatively, then you will certainly feel depressed. Avoid negative conversations and people with a negative outlook.

4. Gratitude: Practice the art of gratitude. Every morning when you wake up, jot down five blessings (this will become easier with practice) and every night before you sleep, thank god for these blessings. This practice will help you shift your mindset towards becoming more positive.

5. Exercise and Meditation: That’s right. Exercise results in endorphins (happy hormones) being released in your brain, whereas meditation helps you relax, release stress and regain focus. Both are good cures for depression, and this has been medically proven. If you're feeling depressed, try forcing yourself to get moving to help fight depression.

Conclusion: Depression has become a thorn in our flesh in today's fast evolving world. Everyone from young to old is prone to depression. The death toll caused due to depression has increased.

We need to start taking depression seriously and take the right approach to end it before it ends us. It is very important that we understand when we need help and take steps to overcome depression rather than succumb to it. 

By Anubhav Verma
Anubhav works with Amayaan. Amayaan helps you motivate and prepare for a healthy living through a 360-degree approach to wellness. This includes physical,mental,spiritual,emotional and environmental well being which is essential for your overall welfare.

Not feeling your best? Practice yoga to help fight depression now!

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