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14-Day Meditation Program

To date, there have been several thousand scientiic studies on the benefits of meditation and there is strong evidence of it's positive impact on emotional well-being, a powerful mind, and vibrant physical health.

This program will benefit you whether you're already an experienced meditator, or have never meditated before. This 2-week program and challenge of seated meditation classes, aims to make sitting meditation a consistent and powerful part of your life. This program provides variety, of the many various forms of meditation that exist. It is an opportunity not only practice meditation regularly, but to explore different meditation teachings, styles, and teachers, to discover which methods work best for you. From beginner instructional meditations, to guided visualizations, to manifestation meditations, to body focused meditations, completing this challenge will give you a doorway into discovering yourself more fully through this diverse collection of practices. However, every class in this program has the common thread of being a seated meditation practice. The element of sitting for the purpose of enhancing the focus of your mind for greater harmony, presence, and clarity, in some form, is consistent in all practices.

In ancient yoga philosophy, it's said the physical yoga practice, was simply a practice to open the body enough, so that it could sit comfortably for meditation. The idea was that meditation is where the truest and most potent form of yoga, occurs. If you're a yogi, who's never managed to make meditation the regular part of your life you've wanted it to be, this is program is your opportunity. An individual's personal meditation practice, has the power to have a positive impact on the people in their lives. The beauty of these practices, is they only take between 10-20 minutes per day, making them easy to fit into even the busiest of routines, and still profoundly improve quality of life. Transform your life in two weeks and start meditating, with this 14-Day Meditation Program.

  • Anyone who wants to make the benefits of meditation a part of their life
  • Those who want to develop a regular meditation practice
  • Those who enjoy meditation, but have not been able to practice it consistently in the past
  • Beginners, who have never tried meditation before, but want to learn

  • How to meditate
  • Diverse and powerful meditation techniques from a variety of expert teachers
  • How to consistently meditate
  • How to deepen your focus, relieve stress, and feel clearer and more energized


Full Program
14-Day Meditation Program
$ 42.00
$ 42.00
Program Items
Learn to Meditate In three easy steps you master the key meditation techniques and lay the foundation for the most transformative and effective practice in yoga.
Meditate and Cultivate Calm With an emphasis on enjoying the process, not getting caught up on doing meditation correctly, and staying connected to your breath, you will feel lighter, calmer, and clearer.
Restore & Replenish: Guided Meditation This guided meditation will lead you into deep relaxation, aiding the mind body connection to receive the fullness of a restorative practice.
Morning Manifestation Meditation This is a short morning meditation designed to help you mentally and energetically align with all that you want to create and manifest in your day.
Meditate with Gratitude Before or after your yoga practice, take a few minutes to sit, focus on your breath, and connect with what you are grateful for.
Chakra Awareness Meditation In this meditation, we begin to unwind and clear out unwanted energies to allow new fresh energy into our bodies, minds and hearts.
Candlelight Healing Meditation This meditation practice allows for healing to occur in every area, in a self-directed way so that you are the source of your own wellbeing.
Heart Focused Meditation In this meditation practice, suitable for beginners, we'll simply rest our consciousness, breath and pay attention to the space of the heart.
Embrace your Inner Calm Meditation Throughout this guided meditation, Channing guides you to a serene place of stillness within you, allowing you to ease into serenity and silence.
Kundalini Shakti Meditation This is a brief introduction to a mantra based meditation practice that will tap into the experience of Kundalini Shakti, the creative, electrical power that lives within us at a vibrational level.
Loving Kindness Meditation to Open the Heart This meditation practice guides you gently through the age old practice of loving kindness, or metta, and gives you a new perspective on people in your life.
Living the Dream: A Vision Meditation For this meditation, find a comfortable seat and take a mental, heartfelt journey into your own future.
Quieting Distractions Meditation This grounding meditation is about stilling the mind from everyday distractions, and is heavily influenced by Pema Chodron's teachings.
Gratitude Meditation Practice This easy, accessible meditation practice supercharges your gratitude and gives you a new outlook on life.