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Willpower & Commitment
Willpower & Commitment

Do you love the holidays? The extra time to spend with family and friends? The opportunity to relax and spend a little extra time on the couch in your pajamas? Or, the time when you travel the world and explore? If you know you won’t be following your usual routine, we’ve got the perfect no-guilt solution.

Welcome to our Pre-Holiday 21-Day Feel Good Challenge.

Just before the holidays is the perfect time to implement changes, to align with nature and adjust to different schedules. Beginning a new program requires discipline, commitment and willpower, all key elements to a strong personal practice. Cultivate the principle of Tapas and jump in with us.

Tapas derives from the Sanskrit verb "tap" which means, "to burn." Traditionally, tapas is interpreted to mean "fiery discipline" or the fiercely focused, constant, intense commitment necessary to burn off the impediments that keep us from being in the true state of yoga. We’re here to help you ignite your inner radiance.

Here’s how it works: Twenty classes in Twenty-one days. According to researchers, it takes three weeks for a new habit to take root. This program will kick start your transition into autumn. Why not twenty-one days you ask? Because incorporating a rest day into the program enables you to recharge and not burn out. You’ll be challenged, but also be empowered to take a break if you need one—guilt-free.

Now you are free to create your 20/21 Challenge, dig deep and find your willpower. Each day we'll provide one or two practices to choose from. Different styles from our diverse collection of teachers will allow you to choose the class that suits your mood, keep you on track, and stay true to your personal goals.  

Set an intention and commit to creating a personal practice you can stick with through the upcoming season and beyond. Let’s do this together.

Here is main challenge page with new class options added daily! It's okay to start a few days late.

To get you started right, here are four new classes to get you fired up.

1. Mark Morford - The Fluffy Bunny

2. Erin Wimert - Action & Rest

3. Erin Wimert - Bedtime Yin with Body Scan

4. Cicily Carter - Dance for Joy!


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