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Yoga Alchemy: The Fluffy Bunny

Mark Morford

Yogis! Yoginis! Be forewarned: There exists a persistent, entirely obnoxious myth in the yoga world – that of yoga as squishy, love-n'-light ball of feel-good smarm, the sole purpose of which is to fill the universe with pretty mala beads, overpriced yoga tights and adorable fluffy bunnies made out of 108 flavors of sighs.

This myth is, in the words of the ancient gurus, total bullshit.

Know this now: A truly aligned yoga practice avoids nothing. We do not ignore or hurriedly bypass all the difficult, dark, messy parts of human existence just to soak in “the good parts,” nor do we cling too hard to the blissful and pleasant, lest they, too, turn calcified and poisonous. We embrace the entire range of human experience and expression, bowing to ALL the names of the goddess (and lo, she has thousands).

This hour-long blast of challenge is designed to help you NOT race through difficult moments, or clutch too tightly to only the ones you like. The nature of consciousness, after all, is 'spanda': vibration, movement, pulse and flux, the eternal inhale and exhale, not getting stuck anywhere for too long. Hell, even the bunnies know that.

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