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Yoga Alchemy: The Hot Mess

Mark Morford

What’s your favorite addiction? If you’re a good American, chances are, it’s to fragmentation, to some bogus idea of multitasking (a toxic myth, btw), to nonstop busyness, to the point that we believe being crazily harried all the time – to being a sloppy “hot mess” – is some sort of virtue, and that something is wrong with us if we’re not living in a manic state of barely controlled chaos, all the time.

This is, of course, madness. Fun to say, dumb to believe.

Here’s a vigorous, fiery sequence designed to help you unify, to calm the hell down, and to focus on the single, perfect, un-fragmented moment you are in, right now. Every pose offers a chance to focus on what you are doing – *and nothing else.* To, quite literally, identify your body, your attention, and your breath in the room, on your mat, in the space and moment where you are. No multitasking, not “crazy busy,” not drunk on turmoil, not splaying out all over the place. Just present, charged, awake to the now. Deal?

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