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Yoga Alchemy: The Doomed

Mark Morford

Have you heard? Fatalism is in. Dour prognostications of the downfall of, well, pretty much everything you love and care about – these are swarming the culture like a million locusts of despair.

How do we dispel all this addictive nihilism? Yoga suggests: Shift your gaze. That is to say, to be of real service to yourself and the world, it’s imperative to aim your attention toward things sacred, beautiful, nourishing, healing. Wallowing and spinning out into impossible scenarios that never really come to pass, serves no one. Reconnecting to Self and quieting the storm of psycho-emotional melodrama so as to be fully available to the moment as it arises, serves everyone.

Here’s a deep, grounding to do just that: tonify the body, bring attention in to the heart, untie those karmic knots of cruel injustice and bleak headline, so they can transmute back into useful action. What else you gonna do, wallow?

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