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Absolution Flow: Wheel of Fire

Mark Morford

Little-known fact: Backbends are often just as much, if not more, about opening the front body – the chest, the heart, the thighs, the belly – as they are about getting the spine to give up its deep, psycho-emotional traumas and delights.

Here’s a relatively advanced (read: do be careful, OK?), backbend-heavy practice designed, on the physical level, to explore multiple modes and intensities of spinal flexion: deep folds, multiple flavors of backbend, a strappy Natarajasana, challenges to both your focus and balance. But on the other, less obvious levels? Far more interesting possibilities for deep release, expansion.

How intense do you want it? How deep are you willing to go? How much release can you truly handle, without harming yourself and without obeying your nagging ego’s urges to either push harder or collapse and give up? Shall we find out?

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