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Yoga Alchemy: Coffee, or Else

Mark Morford

It's an all-too-common western cultural affliction: You think you're a certain "type" of person (AKA morning person, Type A, a hot mess, lazy, manic, chronically late, super serious, shy, emotional, gimme my morning coffee or else, etc). You think that definition is, in some way, "true," because everyone tells you it is, and you seek to have it reinforced all the time. Is it healthy? Helpful? Dynamic and open? Who cares? It's *familiar.* It's safe. You can rely on it. Which is why anyone who dares mess with your desperately clung-to list of defining characteristics better watch out.

Oh, yoga is going to mess with it, all right. Here's a vigorous, well-breathed, hip-intensive practice designed to help you dissolve whatever psycho-emotional, culturally-imposed nonsense you've come to believe about yourself (AKA maya, illusion, socially constructed BS) and then replace it with... well, nothing at all. No hard, fixed identity, no stuck labels, no staid cultural conditioning whatsoever - just spacious, flowing possibility, one breath at a time.

Easy, right? Not even close. But so very refreshing.

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