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Yoga Alchemy: The Recycle

Mark Morford

“Just let it go,” says everyone, all the time, about anything and everything you might be struggling with - a tough breakup, hurtful situation, painful memory, emotional trauma, persistent body issue or demanding expectation of the world.

Of course they mean well. But does “letting go” actually work? Can you ever fully release stuck, toxic, knotted-up energy and have it vanish forevermore? Not exactly.

Let’s try something different. Here’s a vigorous flow designed to help locate those stuck, toxic knots of prana (the energy of life), and, instead of trying to “let them go,” work to dissolve them and recycle their potent energy back into the system as bright, healthy and useful. This is your prana, after all. It’s vital, it’s nectar, it’s yours to re-use in far more nourishing ways.

Mark recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for Yoga Alchemy: The Recycle

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