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Yoga Alchemy: The Fear

Mark Morford

This question comes up a lot these days: In periods of deep dismay and anxiety, of dread existential, sociopolitical and/or personal, how can we use our yoga to successfully transmute these low, acidic energies into useful action, into something a bit more healing and constructive? And where, exactly, does this fiery transformation take place? What are the tools?

This much we know: Such transformations do not happen merely in the mind, by merely thinking (or wishing) events to be different. What’s more, yoga teaches us not to race through or forcibly redefine uncomfortable or painful situations – or grip the positive ones too tightly - let we miss their true power and teachings.

Here’s a fiery, nicely demanding class focusing on the Muladhara chakra, on essential grounding poses (goddess, warriors, malasanas galore) and balanced breathing to help relocate and strengthen your core stability and sense of innate calm when all feels poisonous and manic and OMGWTF.

Mark recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for Yoga Alchemy

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