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Mark Morford's Yoga Alchemy - The Collection

Enchanting word, 'alchemy.' Means metamorphosis, transmutation, a complete and thorough transformation from something heavy and inert into, say, something vibrant and inestimable. The medieval alchemists took it all quite literally, conspiring to vanquish the laws of nature and transform lead into gold, death into immortality, men into gods.

It didn't quite work. But it did evolve into a terrific analogy for the spiritual path, as we employ a variety of potent yogic tools to transform what is often a morose, leaden sense of modern life - often defined by our collective addiction to fear, shame, rampant fatalism - into something teeming with health, reverence and not a little bit of awe.

Sound easy? It's not at all easy. But it sure beats the alternative.

Here, then, is my collection of eight Yoga Alchemy practices, each designed to, well, alchemize our despairing approach to modern life, and rebuild it into something more alive, awake, and, perhaps most importantly, useful.

These are athletic, often challenging yoga sessions, most somewhere between intermediate and advanced, arranged in no particular order and often overlapping, swirling through a number of compelling sequences and asana techniques that might, just might nudge you a bit closer to samadhi, a sustained state of yelping participation in the Shakti, the endlessly revelatory energy of moment-to-moment life. Hey, it's better than lugging around a soul full of lead, no?

  • Intermediate and above yoga students
  • Those who want challenging and dynamic yoga practices
  • Students who want transformation through yoga

  • 8 hour-long vinyasa yoga classes
  • Challenging and athletic practices
  • Yoga to help you evolve and transform


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Mark Morford's Yoga Alchemy Collection
$ 40.00
$ 40.00
Program Items
Yoga Alchemy: Coffee or Else Here's a vigorous, well-breathed, hip-intensive practice designed to help you dissolve whatever psycho-emotional, culturally-imposed nonsense you've come to believe about yourself and then replace it with... well, nothing at all.
Yoga Alchemy: The Axis This class begins with some potent core work, then moves into a vigorous, decidedly physically demanding series designed specifically to draw your attention away from the unreliable, addictive noise of the mind, toward the deep, eternal, always-on, the sacred axis around which everything else orbits.
Yoga Alchemy: The Doomed Here’s a deep, grounding to do just that: tonify the body, bring attention in to the heart, untie those karmic knots of cruel injustice and bleak headline, so they can transmute back into useful action.
Yoga Alchemy: The Fear Here’s a fiery, nicely demanding class focusing on the Muladhara chakra, on essential grounding poses (goddess, warriors, malasanas galore) and balanced breathing to help relocate and strengthen your core stability and sense of innate calm when all feels poisonous and manic and OMGWTF.
Yoga Alchemy: The Fluffy Bunny This hour-long blast of challenge is designed to help you NOT race through difficult moments, or clutch too tightly to only the ones you like - the nature of consciousness, after all, is 'spanda': vibration, movement, pulse and flux, the eternal inhale and exhale, not getting stuck anywhere for too long.
Yoga Alchemy: The Hot Mess Here’s a vigorous, fiery sequence designed to help you unify, to calm the hell down, and to focus on the single, perfect, un-fragmented moment you are in, right now. Every pose offers a chance to focus on what you are doing – and nothing else.
Yoga Alchemy: The Recycle Here’s a vigorous flow designed to help locate those stuck, toxic knots of prana, and, instead of trying to “let them go,” work to dissolve them and recycle their potent energy back into the system as bright, healthy and useful.
Yoga Alchemy: The Two Tools It begins with nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) to clear and tonify the primary left, right and center (ida, pingala, shoshumna) energy pathways – essential to moving pranic dynamism more freely through the body. There is also core work to awaken heat and enhance stability.