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Fitness 'n' Yoga: 7-Day Bootcamp with Ben Davis

This yoga and fitness workout program has the perfect balance of workdays, active rest days, and is capped off with a full recovery day. Get ready to get yourself into better shape in one week, and sweat, stretch, restore, and flow!

This is a well-rounded program will give you increased flexibility, strength, and restoration. The body excels with variety in movement and exercise forms, and while yoga is an amazing practice, there are tremendous benefits to also adding some complementary strength training to your regular yoga routine. This bootcamp does just that, and is a blend of flowing yoga classes, fusion classes, yoga sculpt, yoga with weights, and H.I.I.T. classes, with a prop work restorative class to close it out. Each day brings something engaging and effective, in a thoughtful sequence, to give your body an optimal blend of movement.

If you feel like you've fallen out of shape, or need the discipline to stay consistent with your fitness and yoga practices, this bootcamp makes it easy for you to stay on track to become more fit and flexible.

Ben Davis is a passionate yoga instructor and certified personal trainer, who makes this program fun and challenging for all levels. His straightforward approach to yoga and fitness will improve your body's strength, flexibility, and vitality, in just one week, while enjoying the journey.

  • All levels of yoga and fitness experience
  • Those who want to get more into better overall shape
  • Anyone who needs the discipline to stay consistent in their fitness and yoga practices

  • Seven days of diverse and dynamic yoga, fitness, fusion, and restorative classes
  • A framework to improve your strength and flexibility
  • A bootcamp to keep you accountable and disciplined


Full Program
Fitness 'n' Yoga: 7-Day Bootcamp with Ben Davis
$ 32.00
$ 32.00
Program Items
Day 1: Fitness n Yoga: Flow on the Go This class is designed for any place or any time when you need a quick 15 minutes for yourself to open your body and ground your mind.
Day 2: Fitness n Yoga: Exercise Your Body This class fuses yoga with general components of fitness, including exercise sequences, and is designed to give you a full body workout.
Day 3: Fitness n Yoga: Body Awakening Flow This is a gentle stretching class with a tiny bit of flow designed to open, stretch, and awaken the entire body without breaking a sweat.
Day 4: Fitness n Yoga + Weights: Full Body Tune Up If you are looking for a workout that will get you fit, this class is a time progressive sequence with a blend of cardio, core, plyometrics, and resistance training.
Day 5: Fitness n Yoga: H.I.I.T. & Flow This is a fusion class that will consist of a 20-minute high-intensity interval sequence followed by a 25-minute dynamic yoga flow and cool down, and a 5-minute savasana.
Day 6: Fitness n Yoga: Core Mobility & More This class incorporates cardio and balancing combined with a four exercise core and mobility sequences that moves the body in all planes of motion..start strong, finish stronger!
Day 7: Fitness n Yoga: Foam Roll & Static Stretch This fusion class is a combination of foam rolling and static stretching that will leave you with a deep sense of relaxation and release.