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WTF? (Why the Fears)

WTF? (Why the Fears)

I'm learning that the solution is simple. I could sit here and write that the answer is love (because it is)... but let's get real here. Most of us sweep the fears under the rug. Or we avoid it by spending time on the internet, working out excessively, and eating food we shouldn't. Let's take a step back here.

Be WILLING to address your fear. Yep, that's scary. We might as well build fear around the fact we should address our fear. But seriously... plain and simple. Write down how you are feeling. Give yourself SPACE to feel. Write down WHY you think you are feeling this way. THEN... write down what you WANT to focus on. Clearly, it's not our fear (so why do we live our lives STUCK in it!?). This will help you begin to decipher what is going on in those heads of ours. Baby steps create radical change.

Let it be chaotic. Because it is. It's not about finding the answers. Instead, it's all about creating a new relationship with our fears. Do we even know what our current relationship with fear is? I'm not just talking about those major (irrational) fears... like spiders or flying on airplanes (yep, those are mine). Start to tune in with your brain. Make the connection from brain to body to heart on a daily basis. Are you fearful of parking somewhere because someone might see your car? Are you fearful of going out in public in your workout clothes because someone might judge you? Fears go through our brains every damn day. But have you stopped to notice? The only way to change our relationship with them is to build awareness around them.

Let me tell you a secret. WE CREATE OUR OWN FEARS. Truth bomb. I guarantee you that NO ONE even saw your car. I guarantee you that NO ONE even looked twice at you in your workout clothes. Everyone is already so self consumed; they are too busy worrying about themselves. Breathe.

Fears are illusions. Where can we soften around our fear? Where can we surrender, knowing, that half the time our lives are being limited by these thoughts in our head? Begin to trust. Begin to re-direct your energy.

So, where is it that you want your energy to go? I promise, once you start to re-establish your relationship with your fears and your thoughts that go round and round in your head by the minute, you are going to fall backwards. Because you will have JUST realized how incredibly powerful and empowering YOU are.

Own it. Show up. Be willing. And as always, smile. Because, you can't get it wrong.

By Meredith Cameron

Learning that she and we are more capable than we give ourselves credit for, Meredith Cameron creates space for students to reach out, dig deeper, and not take themselves too seriously. An advocate for creating the life we live, Meredith is influenced by her teachers, Shannon Paige and Nancy Kate Rau, what the world throws on her lap, her travels, and her daily interactions with others. All of this, infuses freedom into her teachings, allowing students to feel their own sense of empowerment. Visit

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