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Simple Things to Do to Believe In Yourself More

Simple Things to Do to Believe In Yourself More

Sometimes in life we get knocked off center. We can begin to doubt ourselves and struggle to find ways to trust ourselves, our strengths, knowledge, and power. We can get knocked off center because of things that come up unexpectedly, or something we tried that didn’t go according to plan. Maybe a harsh word from another or ourselves that allowed self-doubt to creep in. 

The causes can be endless, but regardless of any cause, any cause of imbalance always rests at home in our mind and our thoughts. It is in the mind where we can hide out in the past or false truths, instead facing the untainted present with clarity and confidence.

We can know all of this and yet still feel challenged to find the confidence to give things another try, or step out of our protective barriers.

An easy way to restore confidence is to do something you know you do really well.

Here are some easy and simple ways to spark more self-belief.


If Tree pose is your favorite yoga pose and you feel really balanced and grounded in it, spend time in that pose.

You can also adapt any pose to allow yourself to do it well. Hold on to a wall for support or use the wall as a prop to help find optimal alignment and balance. Try a simpler and more beginner friendly poses to do them well.

It is better to do a pose well, then struggle in a pose beyond your current capabilities and feel unsuccessful when you are trying to rebuild your confidence. Excel in simplicity and design your practice to be full of poses that allow you to shine.

Write Down & Let Go Of Old Fears.

Write down or say your fears out load. The simple act of owning up to them can give you the confidence to face and overcome them more easily.

Its in the hiding and denial that makes it hard to face what we need to confront in order to grow and evolve.

If you write down any old fears, you can also use a satisfying ritual of ripping up the paper or burning it, to symbolize the release of those fears. 

Use Mantras and Affirmations.

Use positive affirmations or mantras verbally or in writing to remind yourself to believe in yourself always, and embedding this self-belief more deeply into your subconscious and reality. Leave notes on your fridge, desk, or mirror, so every time you go past that it, you are told, that you are powerful, and you can do anything.

Repitition and reminders will brain wash you into belief. Everytime you doubt yourself say I can and I will, or something similar in positive affirmation. Replacing negative thoughts with new positive words works over time, and soon the affirmatiosn will win the battle and these affirmations will be your new reality.

Use Ahamkara Mudra, I do, self belief, to build energetic belief. 

Write a Letter to Yourself Praising Your Strengths. 

Keep it handy so that you can read at anytime needed.

Spend Time With People Who Fill You With Confidence.

Prioritize time with people who are not afraid to tell you how amazing you are.

Explore these different ideas to remind yourself that you are worthy of loving, believing, and trusting yourself. Have fun an experiment with what works best for you, and these practices will increase your self-belief.

By Amy Booth

Amy is a yoga and pilates teacher and personal trainer in Brisbane, Australia, where she runs a cute riverside studio and a personal training business. In addition each year she runs yoga and hiking retreats.

To find out more:
Instagram: @ambertreeyogaandretreats
Facebook: Amber Tree Yoga and Retreats

Practice yoga for more self-confidence, right now!

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