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5-Part Metamorphosis Series: Transform & Evolve
5-Part Metamorphosis Series: Transform & Evolve

When we hear the word metamorphosis, often it conjures an image of the caterpillar pausing and withdrawing from the world for a period of time and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. One way to visualize it is an incubation period, where you focus on rest and renewal in order to become your best self. Metamorphosis doesn’t necessarily mean you are changing into someone different; rather it means you are transforming into the highest version of yourself. In other words, the butterfly was always inside you, but it may take time and effort to fly free.

Renowned ParaYoga founder and Tantra Yoga scholar Rod Stryker teaches, “We’re not transforming into something we aspire to,” he says. “We’re transforming into the very thing that we are innately: our best self.”

By embarking on the yogic path of self-discovery and self-improvement, we can begin to shed the patterns and habits we’ve developed through our lifetime that may be preventing us from shining our brightest. 

Often, we aren’t aware of what is holding us back from living our best life and operating on our highest levels. This 5-class yoga program provides the framework for you to discover how to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. By taking the time to consciously turn your awareness inward, you can uncover the beautiful light that already exists within you. 

When Michelangelo created the world-famous statue of David from an enormous block of discarded Carrera marble, he is credited with saying that David already existed within the slab, it merely took his work to chip away the extra layers obscuring his beauty. It took patience, discipline, and vision to trust that perfection existed beneath the stone. Applying that analogy to the practice of yoga as transformation, you can look at it as shedding what isn’t needed to become your best self. 

Yoga’s three-pronged approach of addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies helps us evolve on every level of our being. By becoming stronger and more supple, we create the vessel that supports our minds and hearts. By taking the time to tune into our thoughts and emotions and learn to encourage the positive ones and manage the negative ones, we’re evolving on our life’s journey. Are you feeling ready to transform into an evolved version of yourself? 

Enjoy being supported by these classes designed by Kristin Gibowicz and fly free!

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