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$ 22.00

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5-Part Metamorphosis Series: Transform & Evolve

Metamorphosis is the symbolic journey from caterpillar to butterfly. One form must relinquish itself that another might emerge. In this 5-class yoga program, you will practice emergence physically, mentally, and spiritually.

This program will inspire you to evolve both on your mat and improve your practice, and also off of your yoga mat in how you carry and perceive yourself. The key qualities of a metamorphosis journey are explored, from the inception of wanting to evolve, to waiting patiently for things to transform, to first taking flight, to embodying your new form, and then finally owning and celebrating it. Each step of the journey is valuable and beautiful , and each class in this series allows you time to experience each part of the process. If you are feeling stagnant or stuck in your life or in your yoga practice, this program will inspire evolution and progress.

The Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes in this series all have an inspirational message and are between 30 and 60 minutes long. This series is suitable for those with some yoga experience and there is a healthy balance of physical challenge and energetic inspiration throughout.

Kristin Gibowicz is a Denver-based yoga teacher whose goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives. Her classes aim to liberate students both mentally and physically and leave them in a better place.

Are you feeling ready to transform into an evolved version of yourself? Enjoy being supported by these classes to get you there, while staying present with the magic of the process.

  • Those with some yoga experience
  • Students who want to be inspired by their yoga practice
  • Anyone ready to evolve and transform both on and off the yoga mat

  • 5 Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes themed around metamorphosis and transformation
  • Classes between 30-60 minutes long
  • Inspiration for your body, mind, and spirit


Full Program
5-Part Metamorphosis Series: Transform & Evolve
$ 22.00
$ 22.00
Program Items
Metamorphosis: Slow with Soul This gentle, 30-minute Hatha practice for all levels is perfect after other physical activity or pick-me-up in the office with some longer stretches.
Metamorphosis: Beauty in the Waiting Challenge yourself in the balance-focused, full mandala vinyasa flow that moves you from longer holds, fun variations of hip abduction to strengthen glutes and outer hips, to flowing with hope and expectation for positive transformation to come.
Metamorphosis Flow: Taking Flight Prepared to be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually through balancing postures in this vinyasa class.
Metamorphosis Flow: The Becoming Join Kristin for a balanced vinyasa class that inspires you to find more freedom and acceptance in your life.
Metamorphosis: The Butterfly Effect Enjoy this slow, but not easy, vinyasa focusing on shoulder and hip opening to help free you and create a ripple effect in your day!