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Quick Yoga Breaks at Your Desk: 16-Class Package

Do you ever feel like you are so plugged in to the demands of your workday, that you feel unplugged from yourself? Or that sitting too long has gotten you stiff? Sometimes all you need is a quick moment to yourself. Whether you can spare 5, 10, or 20 minutes at your desk, Dia Draper offers this fun and mindful series of 16 yoga breaks for your workday.

These yoga breaks are a resource for a more balanced and productive work life. Even a few minutes of yoga, breathwork, and meditation can help drastically to keep you healthy, focused, and feeling your best at work. These yoga practices are easy to stand up at your desk and do without the need to roll out a mat.

The detriment of prolonged sitting and the effect of regular stress on one's physical and mental health have been proven. Fortunately, even a few minutes daily of self-care through yoga can help alleviate these symptoms and have you feeling more relaxed, working with better physical posture, and also be more productive in the process.

Dia uses her personal experience, knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, and neuroscience, to formulate sequences that address the range of experiences you may encounter at work. There are classes to keep you calm before big meetings, practices for when you're feeling overwhelmed, and classes for when you just want a few minutes to breathe and stretch. Whatever it is that you need on a given day, in just a few minutes, you can get centered and ready to get back at it!

  • Anyone who works at a desk
  • Those who want to feel more focused and better physically during their workday
  • Anyone who wants the benefits of yoga without a large time commitment

  • 16 yoga practices between 5-20 minutes to do at your desk
  • Yoga practices for all levels, led by expert teacher Dia Draper
  • Classes to alleviate the aches and pains of prolonged hours of sitting


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Quick Yoga Breaks at Your Desk: 16-Class Package
$ 32.00
$ 32.00
Program Items
Sharpen Your Brain This quick 5-minute practice designed to refresh your brain and get you back to your sharp, savvy self.
Get Up, Stand Up This practice is designed to be done at intervals throughout the day and focuses on both decompression of the low back and lengthening of the hamstrings.
Unplug from Tech, Plug into You The class includes gentle stretching and some strengthening standing poses to create a balance that draws you to center, so you will return to work feeling more like you.
Case of the Mondays This practice will ask you to bring your purpose front and center as you allow physical movement to shift your energy towards a new relationship with your work.
Add More Hum to the Ho-Hum In just 10-minutes, this class provides some welcome chuckles and a willingness to create a little more hum in the ho-hum of work.
Remember the Good: Feeling Down This yoga practice is designed to pull you out of that downward spiral and move you into the upward spiral that comes with a gratitude practice.
A Moment for You This practice will guide you inward towards a calm and grounded place, with lots of opportunities to turn inward, breath deeply and be extra kind to yourself.
From Frustration to Focus This short practice is designed as a resource for when you're feeling frustrated or just need to focus at work.
Reset Button: Feeling Like a Do-Over This short office practice is designed to help reset your day if something didn't go as planned, or you just aren't feeling at your best.
Go Time: Ramping up for a Big Meeting or Event This short office break is designed to be both calming and invigorating to achieve just the right balance of energy for your big event or meeting.
Reboot Your System This short practice is all about calming our system down and getting our pre-frontal cortex back online once we've been triggered into a more primal state.
A Moment to Breathe This practice moves through twists, heart openers and ends with lions breath - it's the perfect way to take a break that will bring you into the present and prepare you for what's next.
A Shot of Espresso: Feeling Sleepy Skip the coffee and try this practice - in just five minutes you'll feel more invigorated, energized, and ready to tackle your next task.
Where do I Even Start: Feeling Overwhelmed The movements in this sequence are slow and deliberate to strip you of the frantic feeling of needing to move quickly from task to task.
Release & Relax: Head, Neck & Shoulder This class is designed to combat the mid-day slump and give some love to your head, neck and shoulders that will make a difference in your productivity and how you feel.
Double Shot of Espresso: Feeling Extra Sleepy In the same amount of time it takes to walk around the block and get a cup of coffee this short office break will energize you and move you back into productivity.