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20 min class (22:12)
$ 3.99
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Unplug from Tech, Plug Into You

Dia Draper

Ever feel like you are so plugged into the demands of your work (emails, projects, calls) that you feel unplugged from yourself? And yet, staying connected to self is the key to managing stress, having mindful interactions with others, and staying healthy (physically, emotionally, mentally). This 20-minute practice is designed to give you space to connect to yourself. While you can practice with your phone or email turned on if needed, Workplace Evolved encourages you to unplug for 20 minutes and recognize you'll come back online better able to respond thoughtfully and be of service.

The movement includes gentle stretching and some strengthening standing poses to create a balance that draws you to center. Give yourself the gift of 20 minutes offline and you'll return to work feeling more like you.

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