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Dia Draper  Flower

Dia Draper
(Your Office Yoga Guru!)

Dia offers a fun, mindful and hit-the-nail-on-the-head series of yoga breaks for your workday. Whether you can spare 5, 10 or 20 minutes at the office, these breaks will turn around a day going south, revive your fuzzy brain, or just give you a moment to yourself! Try them out, share them with co-workers, and let her know what else you want help with in your workday!

Dia doesn’t just believe yoga breaks are essential to a balanced and productive office life, she knows it from experience. As a trial lawyer at a top global law firm, Dia used yoga, breath work and meditation to keep herself sane, healthy and working at her best. And now, running her own business, she still does!

Dia left the practice of law to shift work cultures and improve lives. Dia believes work is most fulfilling when employees are engaged, valued and trusted to work towards a common goal. As the owner and CEO of Workplace Evolved, Dia is an experienced certified executive coach and she runs powerful programs for leadership development, and employee wellbeing and engagement in large organizations. Her mission is to improve people’s experience of work while simultaneously improving the organization’s profits, a true win-win.

Her organizational work is based deeply in mindfulness, and incorporates neuroscience, authenticity, clear communication, understanding ourselves and others, and aligning visions. She brings a dynamic blend of no-nonsense business sensibility and mindful compassion to her workshops, demonstrating that a balanced approach creates a workplace that is both positive and productive.

She’s now sharing with her mini, mid and full-length yoga breaks for workplaces. She uses her personal experience, knowledge of yoga, mindfulness and neuroscience, and employee feedback and requests to formulate sequences that address the range of experiences we may encounter at work. If you don’t see an experience you often have in our list of class titles, just make a request!

In her teaching, Dia brings an appreciation for the present moment to those who function at high levels and high speeds. Dia offers a space where students can pause the stress, learn how to stay present when things are hard, and how to rest before you collapse. Whether it's a short 5-minute class to reset, or a longer more traditional yoga class, Dia will help you reboot your system and find more of what you love!

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