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40 min class (41:27)
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Flow From Compassion to Creation

Dia Draper

This practice is designed to purify how we move forward and set intentions. So often we choose what's next based on what's deficient or wrong. When we try to move forward from that sense of fixing or punishing, we often end up back in the same place. When we move forward from compassion, we create sustainable transformation. This practice builds our self compassion and acceptance in service of that transformation. You'll be encouraged to use intuition in your movement and practice with kindness for yourself. Allow the movement in your body to create movement in your life. Towards the end of practice you'll be guided to set (or re-set) your intentions from the space of compassion you've cultivated. Our hope is that this practice moves you where you want to go and that you travel that path with just as much compassion and kindness for yourself.

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