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Outlaw Yoga

Outlaw Yoga is a Revolution in Consciousness! A technically simple, physically challenging way to practice a bold new way of being on and off the mat.

Mindful, powerful, present and fun, Outlaw Yoga is a style of yoga and platform for connection...a way of living at its core, Outlaw Yoga is a movement to bring yoga to the people – all people regardless of gender, class, or creed.

Outlaw Yoga challenges you to make more than a habit of life, to connect to self and to purpose through intense physicality, to explore the power of presence in a contemporary, community setting – connecting to self, to others, and to your inner sense of service.

Grace is gratitude personified, it is a choice and a discipline. This moment, this choice is a chance to allow your fearless love to lead, your devotion to precede. Obliterate boundaries in this life-changing power yoga experience by taking time to take a look, to take ownership, and to take action. Today is a brand new day, act like it!

Meet the Outlaws:

Creator and Founder: Justin Kaliszewski

Justin Kaliszewski is an award-winning artist, avid adventurer, and the renowned creator of OUTLAW Yoga. Author of “The Outlaw Protocol – how to live as an outlaw without becoming a criminal”, and the children's picture book “The Adventures of Babu – from there to here”, he creates connection by delivering transformational yoga-experiences across the country, and at the Outlaw Yoga Littleton studio. Find his class schedule at and more from him at

Outlaw Teacher: Megan Zamora

Within just a few months of committing to a consistent yoga practice, Megan Zamora shed 80 pounds and found the acceptance and love for herself that she had been desperately needing. She came to her first yoga class trapped in years of self-hatred and insecurity, which had produced an eating disorder that dominated her life. Presented with a new sense of possibility through yoga, Megan discovered that wellness comes from within – from a commitment to feeling good. She took up the challenge of cultivating disciplined mindfulness, especially around the way she talks to herself and her daily dietary habits. She has made the bold choice to accept herself – to celebrate, to find contentment, and even joy with exactly where she is in this moment. In allowing for this inward connection for the first time, she now feels worthy of connecting to others, and that has set her free. Come with her. Step on the mat and explore, expand, accept…

Outlaw Teacher: Jackie O'

Jackie fell in love with yoga at a time in her life when she needed it the most. Through years of discipline and many choices for boldness the light within her shines as bright as her contagious smile. She allows the teaching to flow through her in every aspect of her life, from her yoga mat to mindfully raising her children. Step onto the mat with Jackie, and learn to radically accept yourself and the community around you.