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45 min class (48:53)
$ 6.99
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Unleash Your Inner Rock'n Rolla!

Outlaw Yoga

Rock n' roll mudra seals in the transcendent energy of this high-powered vinyasa practice. Connect to a source of boundless energy by placing the hands with disciplined deliberateness and opening the heart with fearless boldness. A steady and determined build through crescent lunge, warrior II, and reverse warrior is accompanied by the LIVE rock n' roll of Justin's father and iconic rocker KenK – as a duo they tour the country telling their story and exemplifying the healing power of presence that repaired their rocky relationship. Whether you play an instrument or not, this class is sure to have you rockin' n' rollin'...groovin' n' growin'.

**Parental advisory of explicit content - Outlaw Yoga classes may contain strong language inappropriate for children.

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