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Do the Discipline to Create Change

Outlaw Yoga

The change we wish to cultivate in our lives is available to us, just by making the choice for it. Do the discipline of creating change by consciously choosing it in every moment, and through every chaturunga and utkatasana within these strengthening sun salutations. Have faith in your growth process as you fly in crow pose and know that every challenge along the way will propel you along your path. Invite slowness, stillness and gratitude in runners lunge and savasana. Let that gratitude fuel your next step, your next choice towards the change you crave. This class features the LIVE melodic resonance of Marco DeFerriera, the one-of-a-kind Brazilian Capoeria/Ukulele master whose music is as beautiful as his spirit.

**Parental advisory of explicit content - Outlaw Yoga classes may contain strong language inappropriate for children.

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