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21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine! 

This challenge has ended. A BIG congrats to everyone who completed the challenge! Be very proud, and be sure to soak and bask in the benefits for all your hard work and effort (doesn't it feel GREAT?!)!! And most importantly, continue with your momentum! Do your best to keep up with your consistent practice! Even 20 mins can change your entire day!


Winner 1: Penny M.
Winner 2: Jessica F.

Stay tuned for info on our New Year's Challenge coming January 1st!

On completion of the challenge two lucky winners will be chosen at random to win incredible prize packages from these partners:



21-Day Challenge: Time to Shine


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DAY 21: 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!
DAY 21: 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!

Welcome to Day 21 of the 21-Day Yoga Challenge: Time to Shine!

Sunday, September 29. 

Today is the end of the challenge..congratulations! Regardless of how your challenge journey went, making it to today’s practice is something to be proud of. You’ve proven to yourself that you can create a goal, and see it through.

Yoga is a profound practice, and it’s benefits go beyond just how well you can perform the postures. We’d love to hear how this challenge has impacted you, whether it be on or off of your yoga mat.

Thank you for encouraging each other so genuinely throughout the past three weeks. You can always stay connected to your favorite teachers and this online yoga community in the comments of each individual class.

Remember, when life gets chaotic or challenging at times, you are only a few breaths and the play button away from this practice, to keep you centered, strong, and steady. Keep up the amazing work, and keep this presence and spaciousness that you feel on your yoga mat, in your everyday life.

Today's class choices:


Practice with Love with Pradeep Teotia

50 min class | Level: All Levels | Intensity: You'll Feel It

By opening our hearts and focusing on love during our vinyasa flow, we can cultivate a stronger, more meaningful practice. We will connect with the heart, mind, and body during this flow. All levels of yogis will find love and strength in this practice.


Flying Sage Pose Made Accessible with Kyle Weiger

55 min class | Level: Intermediate | Intensity: Bring a Towel

If you've ever wanted to play with Flying Sage Pose, this is the class for you. The sequences focus on opening of the hips, combined with upper body activation to bring you into your expression of this fun arm balance!

**you only need to choose one class**

Be sure to share your challenge experiences in the comments section! 



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