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2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

This challenge has ended - a BIG congrats to all those who participated! Be very proud, and be sure to soak and bask in the benefits for all your hard work and effort (doesn't it feel GREAT?!)!! And most importantly, continue with your momentum. Do your best to keep up with your consistent practice...even 20 mins can change your entire day!

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2024 Clearing and Cleansing 2-Week Spring Challenge


2024 Clearing and Cleansing 2-Week Spring Challenge

Day 10 - 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

Day 10 - 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

Welcome to Day 10 of our 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing!

Wednesday, April 17th

Welcome to day ten of YogaDownload's 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing! Today, we invite you to greet the day with open arms and a sense of wonder as you explore the art of allowing and/or the beauty of a full-body sunrise stretch.

Join Keith Allen in Full Body Sunrise Stretch 1, a rejuvenating practice that will help you awaken your body and mind. This class is designed to gently stretch and lengthen your muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated for the day ahead.

Alternatively, flow with Erin Wimert in The Art of Allowing, a practice that encourages you to surrender to the present moment and allow things to unfold naturally. This class will guide you through a series of movements and breathwork that will help you cultivate a sense of ease and acceptance.

As you flow through today's practice, embrace the beauty of the sunrise and the new day that lies ahead. Allow yourself to let go of any expectations or judgments, and simply be present with your breath and movement.

Whether you choose to stretch with the sunrise or allow things to unfold, know that you're taking a positive step towards greater clarity and renewal. Enjoy the practice, and may you find peace and joy in each moment of your yoga journey.

**Remember, if you're feeling in the mood for something different you can choose any of our free classes on our site (or any other class you'd like!).

The most important thing is to show up and get on your mat!

Stretch and Awaken:

Full Body Sunrise Stretch 1 with Keith Allen

30 min class

Level: Adv. Beginner & Up| Intensity:Everyday Namaste

An ideal start to your day, this practice is tailored to open up your entire body and promises to leave you refreshed, invigorated, and flexible. Anticipate a gentle introduction to body opening, prolonged postural holds, unhurried stretches, and the uplifting sensation of feeling lighter, stronger, and happier when you're done.

Find Ease and Acceptance:

The Art of Allowing with Erin Wimert

45 min class

Level: Intermediate | Intensity: You'll Feel It

Discover what it's like to move into a state of surrender where the weight can be lifted off of your shoulders and you can flow through life, exactly as it is. As you breathe through this moving meditation, feel the visceral shift from forcing and into a state of allowing. This class consists of continuous and thoughtful movement that will guide you towards moments of heart-opening.

**you only need to choose one class**

Share your challenge experience in the comments section below and/or post or story on IG or Facebook for a chance to win a prize package! Each comment and post/story counts as one entry (be sure to tag @yogadownload). 

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Avatar  Niki last month

Both classes today. Both were relaxing with a great pace. Keith's was a nice way to get ready for the day, and Erin's was a great refresher in the afternoon

Avatar  Kaye last month

I enjoyed Kieth's class today. It worked well as an evening wind down. I slept well afterwards.

Avatar  Heather last month

I slept really badly last night so this evening I’m doing some Sleepytime yoga. I hope it helps! Tomorrow is a very big day for my family.

Avatar  Desyree last month

I have a headache today, so decided to do Headache Healer with Celeste since it always helps me. It definitely took the edge off! But I want to come back to today's classes!

Avatar  Ashley last month

Always like Keith's classes

Avatar  Chris last month

Even though it was later in the evening, Keith's practice worked well to help me wind down.

Avatar  Jemmq last month

I needed a short class tonight since the kiddo decided to not go to bed. Grr. Feeling calmer and looser post Kylie Larson’s chest and shoulders class. Hoping for a longer class tomorrow.

Avatar  Angie last month

I did Keith's class today in the middle of a busy day. Liked how it was a quick class, but to the point. I was able to unwind and get some good stretching in and jump right back into work.

Avatar  Enlightened Muffin last month

Not sure if it’s the heat, but “The Art of Allowing” certainly brought my heart rate up.

Avatar  MPYoga last month

This evening, I did Keith's class. I liked the slow pace with long holds. It was a nice way to wind down in the evening.

Avatar  Carolyn last month

I particularly loved Full Body Sunrise Stretch 1 with Keith Allen for the outdoors scene. I could visualize being there! I liked all of the poses and stretches, especially with the long-holds. Thank you for the challenge!

Avatar  Bek S last month

Today was an easy choice for me. I love Keith's classes. After sitting all day hunched over my desk at work I felt just as stiff as if I'd just rolled out of bed. So Keith's Sunrise Stretch today was great timing. Thanks!

Avatar  Mimi last month

I had to miss my a.m. stretch and usually that means I skip it altogether. .. but the challenge is a challenge to do it every day, so... yes , I stretched with Erin. Had to modify a bit but love her direction and voice and spirit. Om shanti.

Avatar  Trice last month

Did Keith’s class this evening and it felt so stretchy and relaxing. I put it in my favorites! I gotta say this challange has been one of the better ones for me. Loving all the class choices and really feeling happy to being back into yoga. 😊

Avatar  Lindsay last month

For today's Day 10 I chose to do Keith's Sunrise Stretch. I did it at the end of my day and it was perfect to unwind and relax with. I was able to work through any tightness in my body and just let it go. I loved it! Namaste!

Avatar  Baynicole last month

I did Keith's class - it was very easy to follow. The class is definitely a slow flow. It leaves you feeling stretched out and rejuvenated!

Avatar  Skaita Yogi last month

Keith's class had very clear instructions, and the cues are especially great for beginners. I liked it!

Avatar  Pat last month

Keith's class was great in the middle of the day. I feel calm and open.

Avatar  Jennifer A. last month

I enjoyed Erin's class - nice quicker pace in the beginning through warriors and slower holds and balances later. My body thanks this class!

Avatar  Melly last month

I enjoyed the stretch today with Keith. I did day 9 with Mary as well since i was behind a day. Keith's class was great after doing Mary's.

Avatar  Andie last month

In the spirit of today’s theme to embrace the sunrise and beauty of the day, I opted for Jackie Casal Mahrou‘s Sunrise Flow 2, Fill your cup.
My body is already thanking me for the stretch to start my day. 🙏🏼

Avatar  Julia last month

For today, I went back to Day 6 and did Mark Morford's Deep 30 Vol. I. He has an interesting energy. We built heat quickly. Great short class to start the day. 😊

Avatar  Terry last month

Erin’s class was a lovely way to start the day. I enjoyed the slow pace and excellent cues that gave time to arrive into the shape. It made what could be challenging poses very accessible! Thank you! 🙏🏻

Avatar  pammy last month

Gotta say, waking up to Keith just made my day😉
This was the perfect practice to greet this beautiful Spring day; happy to get on my mat before work, setting me up grounded and ready 💚🫶🏼

Avatar  Susan last month

Nice, easy, strengthening stretches. A great way to start my day. Thank you Keith!

Avatar  Robin last month

I chose Keith’s class. It was perfect for after my long walk this morning! 😊

Avatar  Debbie last month

Thanks Keith great way to start my day

Avatar  carolyn last month

Loved Keith's class - perfect start to the day. Really great prompts throughout the practice.

Avatar  Sarah last month

Hi all! I did Keith's class to start my day. It is a beautiful week in MD, and it was so enjoyable getting all of the right stretches with the sun up and windows open :)

Avatar  Jennie last month

I did Keith's class today even though I had done it recently because I needed a nice gentle stretch after not sleeping well last night. I felt so much better afterward, both mentally and physically.

Avatar  MEAP last month

Keith’s class is getting me releasing some tension!

Avatar  Linda last month

I woke up with a very stiff back so I was thrilled to see Keith's Full body Sunrise Stretch. It was a perfect way to start the day and get my body loosened up!

Avatar  Jennifer last month

Started the day with Keith's class! Positive way to start our my day! Hope you all have a good day!

Avatar  Andrea last month

I completed Erin’s class today. It was another great class. I liked the message and movements. I always like her class and find her instructions to be very clear.

Avatar  Kathy last month

I started my day with Keith's Full Body Sunrise class and really enjoyed it. I liked the flow, gentle, yet challenging for starting the day. Keith give great instructions and his voice is always calming. Have a great day!

Avatar  Oralee last month

Full Body Sunrise with Keith was very relaxing. It would be good as a Full Body Sunset option as well!


Welcome to our 2-Week Spring Yoga Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing! As we transition into the vibrant energy of spring, it's the perfect time to refresh our minds, bodies, and spirits. We invite you to join us on a journey of purification and renewal through yoga. And the best part is the challenge, and all classes throughout, are completely FREE!

Each day of the challenge will offer two class options centered around the theme of clearing and cleansing. These classes have been thoughtfully curated to help you release stagnant energy, detoxify your system, and invite in a sense of clarity and vitality.

Clearing and cleansing are not just physical processes—they're also about letting go of mental and emotional clutter. Use this challenge as an opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level and cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance.

Whether you're looking to detoxify your body, declutter your mind, or simply embrace the rejuvenating energy of spring, we're here to support you every step of the way. Get ready to cleanse, clear, and renew with our Spring Yoga Challenge!


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