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10 Ways to Nourish Your Mind and Body

10 Ways to Nourish Your Mind and Body

Sometimes in life we can feel a little lost and misguided, and it can seem like nothing good is ever happening. It can be easy to feel very overwhelmed and powerless when times like these come around, and we can get stuck in bad moods and bad habits. 

This is why it's so important to take on healthy habits to nourish your mind and body, to help you get out of bad situations and overall make your life a lot easier in the day-to-day. 

Here are some of the best ways to nourish your mind and body:

Clear out the clutter

Sometimes, we need a good old purge to let go of things or people that no we no longer hold value. It might be time to let go of things, not just physically but emotionally too. You’ll be left with the people and things that make you feel happiest and loved. Try to clear out clothes that you don’t wear or that don’t fit you; friends or people in your life that aren’t supportive or kind towards you; anything that might be getting in the way of you living a healthy life.

Breathing exercises

We all breathe all day every day whether we think about it or not. But take some time to consciously breathe and reap some great physical and mental benefits. Conscious breathing can release toxins, improve muscle strength and boost your immune system, as well as help you focus and feel less stressed. Inhale through your nose deeply and out through your mouth, expanding your belly. Try to hold each breath for a few seconds before exhaling.  

Go out in nature

The outdoor world can help you to relax, de-stressed and nourish your soul. Go for a walk amongst trees, grass, flowers and wildlife and take in all the nature - the sights, sounds and smells. Sunshine is also a great way to boost your vitamin levels and make you feel relaxed. If you live in a city, maybe get a few houseplants to reap some of the benefits of nature at home. Nurturing and growing a small piece of nature can help you to feel less stressed and feel nourished. 

Eat well

Eating clean can help you to boost energy and stay healthy. Processed foods can contain a multitude of bad ingredients, but eating some real food can help to nourish your body. Fruits and vegetables can help you to feel and look good, inside and out. Try to avoid sugar and also drink more water - it can flush out your toxins, and keep you hydrated.

Work out regularly

Nourishing yourself includes doing activities that engage your mind and body. Working out is a great way to do both at the same time. And there is always a type of exercise to meet your fitness levels. 

Exercise regularly    

Nourishing your soul is about including activities that engage the mind and body. Exercise is a great way of enjoying all these at the same time. The great part about exercise is that there is an activity available for someone at literally every level of fitness and capability. The important thing is staying consistent, so don’t go overboard to start. Starting small and building up is a great way to build good habits, as well as choosing something that you really enjoy doing.

Spending time with people who support you

Surrounding yourself with positive people who make you happy is essential for living a nourished life. A lot of the time in life, we want to feel heard and loved, no matter what. Hanging on to those people in your life who make you feel that way will help you feel safe and supported. 


Living in the moment is a great way to feel grounded and secure, so taking a few moments to meditate and experience the present will make you feel happier and nourished. Try and let go of any thoughts, and let your mind and body become still. The more often you meditate, the more relaxed and present in your day-to-day life you will feel

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Getting out of your own head a little and reading a book can be a great way to feel relaxed. Turning off devices and reading something can help you to escape a little and have time to yourself. Books with a positive and motivational message can also help you to feel inspired to make positive changes - try to avoid anything with violence or negative messaging as this can make you feel more stressed. 


Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a great way to get them out of your head and feel clearer. It can be a form of therapy, and you can dedicate as much or as little time to it as you want. Pouring out your feelings and thoughts on paper can help them feel more real, and can help you to problem solve anything that's going wrong with your life. Try to write every day and see what just comes out.

Giving back to others

Giving back to other people is a great way to feel nourished in your soul. There are so many ways you can do this, with your time, energy or money!  There are so many charities to choose from, and you can always set up your own if there’s a specific cause you want to give to! Find something that works with your schedule so you can keep up the commitment, and try to utilize skills you already have.

By Amy Cavill

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