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5-Day Absolution Intensive with Mark Morford

5-Day Absolution Intensive with Mark Morford

Set Yourself Free!

Take a moment to check in on how you’re feeling. Go ahead; take a quick scan from the crown of your beautiful head to the soles of your bare feet. If you are wearing shoes, go ahead and slip your feet out and wiggle your toes.

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your feeling of personal freedom right now? Where are you physically, emotionally, and mentally today?

If you are feeling restricted in any or all of these areas, rest assured that your yoga practice can help you shed the tightness in your muscles, soothe any discord in your emotions, and quiet your thoughts. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali teaches that learning to detach or let go is necessary in order to find freedom.

But what does it mean to truly let go? And let go of what, exactly?

It depends on the individual. We all come into this life with samskaras or patterns of behavior and as we age, these habits either become imbedded in our psyche or we learn to shed them. Choices we make in regard to our family, our work, and our perspective on life can become bonds preventing us from living our best life. And lamenting the past or living only for the future are two ways we create pain and miss out on the true freedom of living in the present moment. When we choose to focus on what we truly desire and refuse to be bound by what doesn’t serve us, we begin to feel liberated

Yoga teaches us to pay attention to our habitual thoughts and how to direct them where we’d like them to go.

Cultivating a sense of gratitude for what we do have enables us to liberate our thoughts. Choosing to shed the guilt, regret, pain, or whatever self-imposed boundaries weigh you down is the first step to achieving freedom in this lifetime. We’re not saying it’s an easy path, nor is there any one perfect way to achieve your own personal freedom. . It all comes from within. Allow yoga to play a huge role in shaping your perspective and finding freedom

To aid you in your quest to feel light and free, we’ve got a new program for you from Mark Morford with his Absolution Flow Intensive classes. These vigorous 20-minute practices are designed to find more freedom within, class by class. The classes are intermediate to advanced, so get ready for a challenge. Spend a week with Mark’s unique style and get ready to feel free!

1. Mark Morford Absolution Intensive I: Jump to It

2. Mark Morford Absolution Intensive II: You're Grounded

3. Mark Morford Absolution Intensive III: All the Warriors

4. Mark Morford Absolution Intensive V: A Leg to Stand On

5. Mark Morford Absolution Intensive IV: Dip & Swing

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