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Connecting with the Water Element

Connecting with the Water Element

Of all the five elements, the element of water most represents coolness, being in a flow state, and adaptability.

When water meets an obstacle, it doesn’t break, burn, or become stuck. When water meets an obstacle, it goes around that obstacle. It always finds another way.

When we connect with the energy of water, we also connect with the receptive, yin-energy, and the sacred feminine within. Someone with a water state of mind has less of a go-getter vibe and more of a natural attitude of acceptance.

A person with a water-state-of-mind may not seem to be striving in the traditional sense, but in the end, they get the desired result. In a way, this mindset allows one to more easily go with the flow and allow the outcome to come without chasing or striving.

If we want to experience less intense challenges in life, then we need to develop a mindset that perceives challenges differently. We need a mindset that calmly evaluates challenges and chooses the path of least resistance, like water.

People with a balanced water element tend to stay level-headed in the face of challenges. They are more creative in finding solutions to problems. They believe there is a solution to the problem and they don’t get fired up when met with hardship down the road.

Water is associated with emotions, sensitivity, receptiveness, healing, and cleansing. It is the perfect element to emulate if you are working to balance emotions and feel less stressed in the day-to-day

When we draw awareness toward the element of water, we learn to flow with universal synchronicity. You learn to trust that what is put into the world radiates like ripples. Our thoughts, energy, and subtle actions have profound effects in the real world.

We can balance the yin-like aspects of our lives to feel more in tune with our emotions. We are able to understand the ripples that we put off and that we come into contact with.

When we are in tune with the natural flows and cycles, we understand the bigger picture happening beyond the perceived obstacle. This greater perspective allows perceived challenges and obstacles to “roll off our back” more easily.

Using mindfulness, we tap into the water element and increase our connection with it on a physical, intellectual, and spiritual level.

As our human bodies are made up of at least 80% water, we can imagine that we naturally have an internal water element. Connect with this physical aspect to increase the connection to that cool, flowstate element that already exists inside of us.

As we use mindfulness tools to increase that connection, we wake up the vibration of water and let it guide us toward a gentler approach to life.

Here are a few things to try to connect with the element of water:

*Hold your hand in front of your mouth and feel the warm condensation of your breath.

*Notice the saliva in your mouth.

*Visualize your heart beating and pumping life force through your veins.

*Do a body scan to take note of any perspiration on your hands, feet, or anywhere else on your body.

*Drink a glass of water and give thanks to it for nourishing your body.

*Practice a water meditation to strengthen your connection to the element of water.

Mindfulness will connect you with the element of water in this way. It can help balance emotions and be more receptive to healing and cleansing. Adopting a water-like mindset will prepare the mind to think creatively while maintaining an attitude of acceptance. We can all use a little more of that in our lives!

By Whitney Reynolds

Whitney is a certified yoga teacher and world traveler who blogs about wellness and spiritual experiences along the way. Find more of her posts at Access her water meditation.

Practice this water element yoga practice, right now, from the comfort of your own home. 

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